First Step in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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CYCLE AROUND THE WORLD-across the border **cycling series

It was January 2013,  my house was full of two bicycles and baggage.  There were two nice people that I hosted with a lot of stories that they brought, make my eyes open about the world is – more and more about travelling and cycling.  I would like you to meet one of them.

He is Arjen Van Lopp, the Netherlander cyclist. He started his journey since September 2010, from Nederland through Europe, South East, Greece, Turkey, Middle East, Egypt, went by ship to Dubai, Iran, Central Asia, East Asia,  then crossed  from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkal Pinang, Riau Indonesia. His mission is meeting the world while cycling. He always makes a note like a kind of diary for all the raw material during his cycling.


Arjen were welcomed by Iran people during his cycling

Laos 1777_4000x3000

Laos-took a picture with a timer-it always works

He won’t have enough time, even a whole year to share all his cycling experiences to us. He ever met the same person for three times accidentally during his cycling around, that things that you would never be expected for-but it happened. The worst experience that he had before July 2011, he tried to camp near the road in the jungle. “If you camp in the dark , in the wild and alone, you don’t want to be seen by others people”, he advised one way how to find a place to stay whereas he out of the people. One of his experiences was being roped in Vietnam. The robber took some money which he got back later because the robber was arrested by the policeman. The robber did not rob like the others robber, he threw him up with some stones. He did not realize that the danger in front of him because the man also did not speak any English. That was the robber’s motif to separate him with all his belonging. That’s why you always need to keep on eye while travelling.

Almost more than four months in Indonesia, according to him, people are generally nice, friendly and welcome.” And now I’m enjoying more and more being in this country. I even don’t plan to and what time I should be in Australia, for my next destination” like he was said.  One of his favorite things to do in Indonesia, “ I would like to have a break after my taught cycling, and  I will stop near by the warung, have a sweet drink, kopi susu and have a talk with some local people” sometimes surprised him, the local people also have good English speaking. Moreover about Arjen, he has a giant and tall body, and he will  attractive a lot of attention while he is travelling across the Indonesian nation, because he put the Indonesian and Dutch Flag on his bicycle. Even though he more looks like a rock star than traveler with his long blonde hair and people will always stare at him. That one of the uniqueness while he is travelling in Indonesia  because people will ask  him to take some snap too. He doesn’t mind to do that because he also like to communicate with the local people.


the picture was taken by a photographer named ‘Kim’– somewhere between Bengkulu and Lampung.

The most memorable food that he has during his cycling in West Sumatera, in the Maninjau lake , there is a kind of food look like martabak.”I think this person have his own recipe”, as he told, because he also did not sure what food is. He thought that food is kind like lumpia, because the is also term for Lumpia in dutch.


His biggest goal to finish his cycling travelling, and he will break his own record to cycle for four years. There is still time to go forward. For the future, he will get job again in Nederland or  maybe somewhere and go back to place where he had been, and he is still not plan that yet . Currently, he will focus to finish his around world-trip cycling. Indonesia also one taught route that he ever experienced, because the route is also down and uphill, and he already consider it as the part of the deal, and he will not skip the part.” We cannot pick only the best part” just he told. In Indonesia can be hard road such as down-hill road, or quite-long road or even the crowded part and a heavy traffic jam.

Vietnam 010_4000x3000

somewhere in Vietnam

For all his doing, it is not an easy choice, to quit the job, to leave the family and homeland for quite long time, to separate with friends and to out of the box, to out of the comfortable zone that he had. I salute for all his spirit to see the world, to experience it and to live with it. Am I will be brave enough to across the border and will anyone be to cycle the world??


warung = small shop in Indonesia

kopi susu = coffe milk

Documentation: Arjen’s picture collection (thanks for borrowing me the picture)

Then Hidden Lagoon in Kiluan Lampung, jump in!!!

When I was in Lampung, in the Kiluan, we went to the hidden Lagoon. We walked for an hour, and the track was not so easy. We just like went down to the hill, it was so slope. I even out of my breath,  I was too tired to walk.  I told to my friend, the place have to be beautiful, because all of the sacrifice to reach the place. I didn’t want to be disappointed to see just like a common place. In the beginning we only passed like the thin forest, and then we enter the beach. I though the lagoon was near that beach, but our guide told the place was still far away. We had to climb the rock,  passed the two bamboo-way to across from one edge to another edge, if you see down was sea and the way u stepped in was narrow.

When I arrived in the lagoon which was really the hidden lagoon, nobody was there, that was prefect place, just like yours. I even could not close my mouth because I was amazed with the God creation. A lagoon is a shallow body of water that separated from the large body of water; they are divided commonly by coastal lagoon and atoll lagoons. It was coastal lagoon, because the large water is the sea and there is Sunda strait that spread the java island and the Sumatra Island. The blue water of lagoon and the pounding waves to the rock costal was the great combination I ever seen. I was really so excited with the water and directly went into for swimming. Some of friends were jumping from the coastal rock to the lagoon water. I even chased away all of my fear to jump in. After all mocking from my friends, I also followed them to jump. And I addicted to jump it again and again.  Some of friends used time to have photograph but like I always, I was still comfortable in the blue water. And then we have to hurry back to the cottage because one of my friends, his feet was bleed. He accidentally stepped on the sharp rock. He bled a lot.

The suck things after all, we need to climb to back home. And that was the tiring things to do after all of the enjoyment we had through. But no pain no game.

some pictures from the hidden lagoon.







THE CAROLINA BEACH, the another charm of Padang

Carolina Beach is located in Bungus region Padang , West Sumatra. Like the beautiful name of the beach, it also shows how beautiful the beach is. It is one of exotic beach along the west coast. The view from the hill along of the road is really beautiful and will amaze you. It is about 20 km from the capital city of west Sumatra, Padang. Since you enter the Bungus region, there will be a lot of scenery that relaxing your eyes.  In the Carolina beach, there are a lot of pines along the beach. The pines give the uniqueness of the beach.  The shade trees, the white sand, the blue sea and the clean ramp are the great fusions that were created by God. In the Carolina you can find a lot of fun things to do and some games such as the banana boat, the flying doughnut and many others. Or you just lay down on the beach because a lot of mats are rent here. You can spend a lot of times here just sitting on to read your favorite book or relaxing.


the pines along the beach coast

You can rent the boat to enjoy the view from the sea and enjoy the light breeze, the beauty of the island landscape, or to enjoy the bird singing from the sea. You can go to the little island around the beach, such as the Pasumpahan, Sirandah, Sikowi, Bintangur and some others. You even jump to the water for swimming. It will be more fun to swim in the sea rather than in the near costal.  You can go with the boat to the mound of the sand and it looks like the white-sand island. You also can snorkel to see the beauty of the sea inside. Even you can enjoy the sunset over here.


the boat just arrived in the white-sand island look like


the golden sky

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KARANG PEGADUNG, pantai gigi hiu

Keputusan untuk menambah Karang Pegadung kedalam tujuan perjalanan adalah suatu hal yang tidak akan pernah disesali.  Karang Pegadung terletak di  pantai Pegadung kecamatan Kelumbayan Kabupaten Tanggamus Lampung. Untuk menempuh tempat yang begitu indah ini dibutuhkan perjuangan yang luar biasa. Dikarenakan jalan untuk melewati pantai ini sangat terjal dan susah.

Perjalanan dilewati dengan menggunakan sepeda motor yang dikemudikan oleh para pengemudi motor yang ahli dan memakan waktu kurang lebih sekitar satu jam. Selama perjalanan tarikan nafas rasa kecemasan terdengar dari bebarapa teman perjalanan yang lain. Medan jalan yang dilewati oleh motor ini Lengkap sudah, mulai dari medan berpasir, medan berkerikil, medan berbatu sedang bahakan medan bertanah liat. Dibutuhkan keahlian untuk mengendalikan rem tangan dan rem kaki, agar ketika menurun tidak langsung melucur, dan keahlian memainkan gas ketika menanjak agar motor tidak langsung nyungsap kebawah . Ada beberapa teman perjalanan yang harus turun dari motornya, karena motor tidak bisa menanjak ketika diboncengi. Tukang ojek motornya sampai mengemudikan motor dengan setengah jongkok dan yang dibonceng duduk di tempatnya agar beban tidak bertumpu kebelakang. Ini dilakukan supaya motor masih kuat untuk mendaki.

Selama diperjalanan mata diselingi oleh pemandangan yang sangat luar biasa dan angin yang berhembus semilir. Ini merupakan track yang sangat luar biasa menantang, dan rute ini tidak akan bisa ditempuh apabila hujan membasahi bumi. Untung saja pengemudi motor yang membawaku sangat ahli, sejenak aku tersenyum dan aku tahu mengapa ketika kami akan menaiki motor, sang pengemudi lebih memilih untuk membonceng orang lain. Bobotku yang lumayan, mungkin akan menjadi tantangan baru baginya. Tapi dengan sigap kupilih juga motor yang bagus dengan pengemudi yang tanggung.

Selama diperjalanan aku berteriak sekencang-kencangnya melepaskan kengerian selama diperjalanan. Suatu ketika temanku menceletuk dengan nafas yang masih pas-pasan, “orang yang bawa motor, tapi aku yang kecapeaan”, ini dikarenakan energinya terkuras rasa kecemasan dan kengerian. Rute jalan yang masih buruk dan jelek ini malah aku lihat sebagai suatu nilai jual dari paket perjalanan menuju ke Karang Pegadung. Karena keekstriman jalur akan menjadi surga bagi yang ingin menguji adrenalin. Tapi alangkah sangat lebih aman lagi jika pihak tour melengkapi peralatan keselamatan ketika berkendara.


Di pantai karang pegadung, mata disuguhi oleh pemandangan gugusan batu karang yang berdiri kokoh bagi penyuka foto-foto landskap akan segera mengabadikan deburan ombak yang menghantamm karang bidikan demi bidikan. Mata pun tak akan lepas memandang beatapa agungnya karya Sang Pencipta. Untuk lebih merasakannya, anda harus berjalan sepanjang pesisir pantai untuk melihat gugusan bbatu karang yang berupa gigi-gigi hiu. Konon katanya, karang pegadung tak kalah eloknya dengan pantai di phie-phie island Thailand. Harus merasakan naik mendaki bebatuan karang tersebut, dan menikmati keindahan pemandangan air laut berwarna turqousise yang berbuih. Dan dentuman deburan ombak, ditambah semilir angin menjadi alunan music yang indah. Dan sepanjang mata memandang, itu adalah lautan lepas.  Keletihan dan kepenatan dijalan terlupakan sudah. Dan disinia anda akan meraskan betapa agungnya sang pencipta dengan karya-karya.


Gateway Paradise in the Lampung, Sumatera

Teluk Kiluan is located in Pekon Kiluan Negeri, Kelumbayan Region Tanggamus Lampung Province Sumatera Indonesia. It is about ±80 Km from Bandar Lampung or about 3-4 hours journey long by car.  What things make this places special from others?, it is not only has so many beautiful beaches. But also the attraction of this place is hundred of dolphins and whales in this high sea. But when you are in fortune day, you may see turtle. There two kinds of species of  dolphins stay in this sea, they are bottle nose dolphins (tursiops truncates) with bigger body and shy. The second species is long beak dolphin ( stenella longirostris) with smaller body and like to jump. People who want to see dolphins in the ocean by using jukung . it is traditional boat that can load three persons with man ship who will lead the row.

If you join tour packet, you will be picked up in the Bandar Lampung. One of the modest and preferable package was offered by @KiluanDolphin. they run trio to kiluan every week. they have option for cottage and camp. but the most important thing, they are the most budget friendly. It takes 3-4 hours because of the road isn’t quite really good. And the infrastructure still not accommodate well. it won’t be a matter because along the road you will see beautiful beaches. From Kiluan you will across to the island by using traditional boat. The long journey won’t feel too long because the scenery is really amazing.


When you arrived in the island, the host already served the dishes. Of course the dish is fish that catches from the sea. The fresh grilled fish is really super delicious. I don’t eat fish so I miss the good part. Just like my friend said if you eat kind of this fish in the restaurant you have to pull out more money, but in the island you can eat as much as you want.

Without any command, directly I got the snorkeling set and swam in the sea. Until afternoon, I swam and lay down in the white beaches.


no need time waiting to snorkel into the sea

The second day, we woke up early every morning because we went to Karang Pegadung. To reach the places, we have to use the row. Then we went by the motor bike to climb the places. The route is very extremely dangerous because you really need an expert rider to ride the motor bike. Fortunately, my rider is the taught and the strong one. With his skill he can defeat the nature challenge. The road full of gravel, pebble, stone, sand and even mud and the road is extremely slope. I love the challenges and I need to hold my breath.

Finally, arrived in the Karang Pegadung won’t regret you at all. Because what you saw it’s blow up your mind. I and friends explored the beaches, find the best places. The stone like the shark teeth. My friends said that it looks like the Phi-Phi island in Thailand.  And it is so amazing. I went to the top of the rock and stay for a while. I lied over and saw how beautiful the beaches. The beaches with turquoise colour and stretch of the white froth,  and the fascinating one is in front of me is the high ocean.  I even don’t have enough words to describe my feeling.


the view looks like in the Phie-Phie island in the Thailand

After from Karang Pegadung, we visited the Lagoon. Yeah… of course the way to it is not as easy as you will think. We went down the hill through the stones. And here is the picture of the Lagoon. It’s really the hidden paradise.


swim and jump into the water in the lagoon, you won’t miss it

The third day is the the dolpin tour. It’s the tour that we waited for. Since early in the morning without any take a bath, we already ready for seeing the dolphins. Just like the sailor, full of brave and spirit. We hunted the dolphins. It’s so amazing that I saw the dolphin in the high sea. They are so cute and  jump each other. But at the time they did not come out so very much. Maybe because of the weather is not good. because last night was rain. Or another reason, Maybe there were so many jukung. And the dolphins very shy to show up. But overall I have a great huge  time.

Because I kind of love of the beach and sea. I m beach lover, Even though I had already clean and take a bath, I never mind to swim again. After noon, we have to leave the island. t will be memorial experience in my life journey. and for you, you don’t have to think twice to visit it, just pack up your stuff and feel the sensation being in the Teluk Kiluan.

for more information about the trip, follow at twitter @KiluanDolphin



Di terik siang memang enak sambil makan es krim. Walaupun sudah hampir setahun aku bekerja di Palembang, dan aku baru saja tahu bahwa didekat kantorku  ada es krim yang sangat enak sekali.  Es Puter namanya tapi disini lebih dikenal dengan Es Krim Mang Cecep.  Ya tentu saja yang menjualnya bernama Mang Cecep. Seperti kebanyakan nama tempat makan yang diembel-embeli dengan nama si empunya.

Berawal dari ocehan kawanku yang ketika acara sedekahannya ( sedekahan adalah acara kenduri di Palembang, kalau di Padang namanya Baralek)  memesan es krim mang Cecep, dan es krim tersebut laris manis diserbu tamu undangannya. Dan beberapa tamu undangannya meminta rekomendasi es krim yang disajikan tersebut. Disaat pertama kali membeli aku benar-benar harus antri,  karena banyaknya peminat es krim pada siang itu. Bungkusan demi bungkusan di sajikan dengan cekatan dan telaten oleh Mang Cecep.  Pembeli es krim Mang Cecep tidak hanya disekitar kantor saja, tapi mang cecep sudah menjadi langganan beberapa instansi pemerintah, perusahaan swasta  di Palembang. Bahkan puluhan box dipesan diakhir minggu untuk acara pesta pernikahan, syukuran atau pun acara arisan.

puluhan bungkus eskrim dengan setia dinanti oleh pembelinya

puluhan bungkus eskrim dengan setia dinanti oleh pembelinya

wong kantor selalu nyuruh beli  es krim mang Cecep tiap hari Jumat” kata seorang office boy dari salah satu perusahaan pupuk terbesar di Palembang. “wong kantor nya galak nian dengan es krim disini, lemak nian rasonyo, walaupun cak panas kami masih galak belinyo pake motor, galak dikasih bonus jugo oleh mang Cecep ” kata office boy tersebut dengan logat Palembang yang kental. Aku manggut-manggut dan masih harus besabar dengan giliran es krim ku. Sungguh hari ini perjuangan yang melelahkan untuk mendaptkan segelas eskirm. Dan pernah juga suatu ketika aku lebih memilih untuk menyerah dan kembali kekantor, karena antrian yang begitu panjang. Dan aku hanya bisa menelan ludah daripada menunggu satu gelas diantara puluhan bungkus es krim yang dipesan.

Es krim ini terbuat dari gula, santan, susu, garam halus dan kasar, tepung hunk we, tepung kanji, dan air matang. ketika disajikan es krim ditambah dengan potongan pokat yang segar dan rebusan kacang merah, membuat es krim ini sangat enak dan semakin yahui dilidah. Mang cecep sangat menjaga kualitas es krimnya, makanya dia tidak menggunakan bahan pewarna ataupun pengawet. Untuk rasa manis didapatkan dari gula dan susu, dia tidak menggunakan sari manis. Untuk pengharum dia masih menggunakan pandan yang ditanamnya dibelakang rumah. Kalau di Padang kacang jadi kawannya rendang tapi kalau di Palembang kacang dijdikan es” seloroh Mang Cecep sambil sibuk melayani pembeli.

Mang cecep sendiri sudah lama berjualan dengan gerobaknya. Teman kantor ku yang tinggal dekat sana semenjak usia tujuh tahun sudah  mmencoba es krim mang cecep. Dan dia sudah berumur 24 tahun.  Mungkin lebih kurang dari dua puluh tahun mang cecep mangkal didepan kantor migrasi didaerah pelabuhan Boom Baru. Sedangkan kantor migrasi tidak lagi beroperasi disana dan menjadi gedung tua, namun mang Cecep masih mantap mangkal disana. Penghasilan Mang Cecep juga pasti lebih dari cukup karena ia mampu membiayai kedua istri dan menyokolahkan ank-anaknya.

Mang Cecep dengan cekatan dan ramah melayani pembelinya

Untuk mengobati rasa penasaran dan sebentar lagi aku akan balik kepadang. Dan tentunya aku tidak akan menemukan es krim yang serupa di kotaku. Semenjak hari pertama membeli sampai saat tulisan ini diturunkan aku telah menjadi penggemar setia es krim mang cecep. Dan aku tahu ketika aku balik lagi ke Palembang, pasti aku akan segera mangkal ke tempat Mnag Cecep. Jadi kalau ada yang saat ini berada di Palembang atau akan ke Palembang, nah tidak ada salahnya memasukan es krim Mang Cecep ke agenda wisata kulinernya, Es Krim Mang Cecep yang mangkal di depan Pelabuhan Boom Baru didepan bekas kantor migrasi.  Selamat Mencoba.

have a nice travel in Palembang, South Sumatera- Indonesia


Es Krim Mang Cecep