Ratu Amazing Concert

Angelene, the Malaysian student invited us to see the night concert in Malaysia TV, Stesen RTM  Angkasapuri. she told that we were going to see Ratu. I just no wonder, no thought,  why should I, even when I was in Malaysia should watched them . In my references Ratu refers to Maya and Mey ling ( Indonesian singer). But later on, you will know who Ratu is.

There were, me, Herlin, Ratih, Amel, Vina, Ika went to the concert. We waited for Ann in the lobby.  Ann has a city car. Her mobile is for four passangers. we were more than four. I told our leader why we don’t take one taxi instead of  asking her to re-pick us at the dorm. Anglene was fine to pick us,  what a kind lady (it’s never enough to say thank you to this kind-hearted girl). Anglene is so generous and helpful. During we stayed in Malaysia, she treated us very well. In her little body, there is a good spirit which is always help everbody. We were in Malaysia on November, and you know what, on December she were going to have her wedding. In her tight schedule, she always helped  and accompanied us to see the city. Every girl will be busy for her wedding, most of them have limited time to share with friends, because need to focus with her wedding. But, Ann is so unique.

 It’s one of the eastern greatness how they treat their guest. How she treat us is payless. She comes from serawak. The first person that I know from it.  Personally, i admire her characterisctic. Her tagline, hidup harus bahagia. Yes, she absolutely should be always happy girl. From her sincere help, I know the kindness never can’t be counted.

Let’s move the talk from this cute girl, if i make the writing, it can be  a full page (seriously, i am not very an expert to make humor). Therefore, she picked up us twice, and droped us twice back to the dorm. when we arrived in the tv station, it was huge rain, the problem, it was difficult to find the parking for the car. It took sometimes to park the car.

We didn’t need ticket to enter the show. We also cannot take the pro camera. We put it in the security. It was my first to see the concert of Ratu in Malaysia. The opening performance was three little kids. After that, i just know ratu here means three of divas Malaysia. They are Amelina, Fauziah Latifah and Ella.

Amelina is the Queen of Dangdut. She is really famous in 1990an. After that she left the Music industry and never showed up on TV.  When i saw her face on tv, in Indosiar, she was the comentator for Dangdut Academy Asia. Her famous nickname in the show is Kak lin.

Second, Fauziah Latifah, she is the Queen of Pop in malaysia. Some of her song very familiar to me, because her song also popular outside Malaysia. She was look stunning in the concert with her gown.

Third, Ella is a famous Malaysian rock musician. Her tittle that was given by his fans “Ratu Rock” for Queen of Rock. She until now, holds the record as  the bestselling female artist. When I saw her in the concert, she looks really-really younger than her age. Still likes 20an, even she almost 50. L she married with a pilot which is 15 youger than her age. I think that’s why her young secret receipe.

I didn’t familiar with their name. But when they sang their own song, i just like recall my childhood memories. I ever heard to those malaysian song. It’s like how strong the bond between malaysia and indonesia. when I listened to the song, it was like de javu.  We were flown in the beat of the music. I even forgot that I was not in my home land. The music is united two countries. I never noticed that was malaysian song. Thought what i listened, all indonesian song.

The show was over. It’s  time back to dorm. and Ann dropped us to the dorm, and she returned to take the rest, even they still took time for late dinner, midnight is over.  In my slept, I was happy, I smiled. Music is always borderless. Music is united human.

My special thank you, to Angelene, Stevie, Farha, Sue, Wannie, Ina, Atik, Khai, Hijas (you are wonderful people that i met last year)

November 24, in the night of full rain


Fauziah Latif, Amelina dan Ella


the girls were ready for concert


after concert

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