Second Mess Morning

This glory morning was so hectic. The previous day, the Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Malaya University delegate had told us that we must gather at 7.00 am at the dorm. They  would pick us.  My roommate was my dearest lecture. She already woke up earlier for shubuh prayer. After praying, we needed to get ready. I told her,my toiletries was in Apel’s suitcase. I put on his suitcase, because he had more empty space in his bag. I didn’t check in and suppose to have 7 kg only for baggage. When i packed, i measure my baggage and it was 7,5 kgs.  And i have 2 kgs rendang for a gift for my friends. I was overload. That’s why I asked Apel’s help. He was fine to help me.

I took a shower with my lecture’s soap. But, i still needed my tooth brush. I couldn’t go if my teeth was not brushed. Can’t you  go away from your room if your teeth not ready?? No way… Apel’s left his phone in Indonesia, and I tried to reach him by his roommate number. I texted Anto (Apel’s roomate) since last night asked about the toiletries. He read my whatsup, but he didn’t reply. What an annoying man. But, i didn’t have any choices,  I texted him again. He read but still not reply. My lecture helped me, she tried to call him. Maybe he was still in the dream of heaven. He might be slept tightly. Or he might be jet lag.  Couldn’t think worse than it!!!

When he answered my text, i told him that i would go to boy’s dorm, instead he went to girl’s dorm. because I knew, it was my stuff, he didn’t need to spend energy to walk to girl’s room. I waited him for 20 minutes to came down from his room. It was 05.00 am-05.20 am. I waited him, but he didn’t show up. I went back to my room a little bit pissed off, because I certainly needed that stuff because at 07.00 am should be gathered, we couldn’t be late. Instead of getting mad, my lecture asked me to have breakfast. Let’s go for breakfast (you have a meal, even you didn’t brush your teeth, there’s always an exception).

Anto texted me again at 06.00. he told that he was at lobby. You won’t believe that he was already in suit and got ready. He didn’t want to help me just to drop the toiletries down before (it took 5 minutes from his room to dorm lobby). Yes, we can have same hair color, but we don’t know what in others people mind. I said thank you to him. I went back to my room, and put the toiletries and rendang (every time i go somewhere, i never miss out to take this food, this for my friends in Malaysia). Certainly, i needed to brush my teeth, if not people can be lack of air on the bus. (it is too much hyperbole)

When i got down in the lobby to gather with others nine friends. It was not nine. Buk Amel was still on her mukenah (special suit for praying) . she was panicked. Her roomate was not in the room. She was leaving her friend for subuh praying. When she backed to room. It was locked. She didn’t have anything with her (no money, no passport and no phone, they were leaving in the room, even when she had one, she couldn’t make a call, she didn’t buy malaysian simcard yet for phone). She got down from nineth floor to first floor, looked for ika everywhere. A tears from her eyes came up, because she might think worse possibilities, left behind from the group. The time already 7 am. All of us already gathered, except her roomate was in the cafe for breakfast. It was another self egoism when you were in the group. If you couldn’t hold it you could be like a boom that can be exploded anytime. Vina looked for Ika to cafe and asked for the key. Sometimes, you don’t have any idea, you could have breakfast while your roommate didn’t return to room yet and she did not get ready yet.

What a mess morning. It was ashamed when you make an appointment and you was late around. In the end, this morning case became solve later after we returned from Malacca. It’s still morning dude, don’t ruin your morning with a mess. I laid back to my chair on the bus, I put my sunglasses, took a depth breath, and I went for a little sleep (after we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, I didn’t get enough sleep). On the bus, its time to pay back my less sleeping time. Still long way to go to Malacca……….

Moral message: don’t let mess morning ruin your day!

22th November 2015

Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

Photo: Amelia, Anto dan Apel

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