First Step in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Finally, our plane landed in Kuala Lumpur airport. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is Malaysia’s main international airport. It is the largest and busiest airport in Malayasia. It is also one of the major airport in South East Asia. It is located in Sepang district of Selangaor which is about 45 km from Kuala Lumpur center. You can imagine how huge this airport ( ^^)

Because my flight wasn’t same booked with the group. I sat in the plane separately- alone. When I got down from the plane, I met with Mr. Oktavianus. We went together to immigration checked. He told me that Malaysian language more real than Indonesian language, how they named words.  Departure gate in Malaysian is pintu ketibaan, emergency door is pintu kecemasaan. What the words named is reflected with the actual condition. In the beginning of my arrival, I already felt some languages differences. From the atmosphere of sign language, I realized, i was abroad already. My first abroad experience. Didn’t have any enough glossary to illustrate what i felt.

 It was my first international flight. I was really exciting. I queued in different line with Mr. Oktavianus. It will be my first stamp on my passport. And it’s not so easy to get it. Several question was asked by the immigration officer. She looked so straight and asked in intimidate voice. I already read some tips how to handle with the immigration officer. What I need to do, just stay calm, cool and confident. The officer might suspect me that I am going to be Indonesian worker in Malaysia. No one can’t tell why my face so Javanese (so Indonesian face) even though I am Minangness girl. I answer her question smoothly and I just show her my approval study later in Malaysia. With one piece of letter, it shut out her down. No more question. Then, she stamped it. Yes…it was my first stamp (i can’t tell you how realize feeling it is).

We arrived 10.20 am Malaysian time. I and group was picked by University  Malaya delegate;  Mr. Hisyam, Mrs Salina, mrs fiza and Mr Amir. I went down with the mini bus that drive by Mr. Amir. He drove so fast. In the mini bus, we listened to Malaysian radio. Because we arrived in the noon time, we could see the clearly view of metropolitan city.

When we entered the  UM gate, I was amazed how big the Malaya university. Malaya university is the oldest and the most esteemed university in Malaysia. It was founded in 1949 as a public-funded tertiary institution. In this university has 12 faculties. And we went to study in academy of Malay studies. University of Malaya has 3rd in Southeast Asia. Based on the world rank in 2015, the QS World University has ranked UM at 146th place in the world and the 29th in the QS Asian University Ranking.

How can I am not very proud have chance to study in this university. If you heard before about these famous people like Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir Muhammad, Azalina Otman Said, etc. They were notable alumni of Malaya University. These famous people ever studied here. It was so hilarious and amazing.

In academy of Malay studies, they welcome us warmly. Prof Mochtar, the first man in academy of Malay studies gave open hand. Surely, because we came at lunch time, they had provided us with food. When I opened it, I released that I was not in Padang anymore. They serve us with Malaysian chicken curry, it was so authentic of Malaysian taste. Taste was so different, but I felt like home. Just in one second, I ate it all. No rest.

After the formal welcoming party from Malaya University. Both of parties hope this memorandum of exchange student between Malaya University and Andalas University can bond of our serumpun fraternity. Not only in education sector but also in understanding cultural and people.  It’s short welcoming, but we were glad because we also met with Anglene, Stevi, Kai, etc (they were former of Malaya university exchange student in Andalas university). It’s another beautiful moment to share, to meet again, a friend from another country that we had met before.

Mrs fiza after the opening, she dropped us to the student dorm. it was a little bit rainy that afternoon. The first rain in Malaysia (my first rain abroad since i started to be lebay-__-). The boys stayed in the boys dorm. and left, seven girls students with one lecture. One room for two person. It’s time to take a rest for a while…the intrique of the student life just begun. Just wait what will happened next….


Pose after landed


our travel mate


Pak Amir with his ride


never ending pose


kak Fiza and us


Buk Ike and Kak Fiza


here we are


Malaya University and Andalas University


stevie…our malaysian dear friend


Prof. Oktavianus, Prof Mochtar, dr. Ike and Prof. Syafri


seriously listening


Photo credit: amel, anto, apel

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