Cimory Riverside, A Place to Escape

For a moment, you always have a reason to relieve fatigue from routine in the city. Escape somewhere comfortable and enjoyable. Monday was the date of August 19, 2013, I was with a group visited a restaurant in Cisarua Bogor. It is called Cimory Riverside.

When we reached, we were greeted with a very elegant atmosphere with an indulgent eye design. There is a cow statue – a symbol of Cimory, which is the company was started from dairy products. Enter into restaurant a pretty crowded. But don’t worry, they have extra huge seat. Cimory are represented directly by the owner, Alex Sutanto and he welcomed us. He recommended four options menu favorite based on consumers demand in this restaurant. The fourth menu are chicken cordon bleu, chicken fried rice, ring kanzlers sausage, and spiral kanzler sausage.




I ordered chicken cordon blue, it is a breast chicken wrapped with cheese filling, then deep fried. The filling cheese is melted. The chicken breast is then rolled into a roulade, coated in bread crumbs.the bread crumbs make the taste little extra crunchy, and its is a terrific. The extra sauce makes the taste more special and amazing.  Now wonder,if this dishes become the most favorite order in this restaurant. I am really recommend , when you are in this restaurant you need to  try this one. And one thing that you should know, that the chicken comes from their own farm. So u won’t worry about the quality. You get a five class dishes with affordable prices.



Everywhere I go  in to restaurant all over Indonesia, my  first order will be a plate of fried rice. Based on my experience to my fried rice is a little bit tricky, sometimes easy-sometimes hard. Even though it is a standard menu, it can be a signature dishes in one restaurant. If they have a delicious fried rice, another food would be delicious too (even though, it is a little bit absurd point of view). When one spoonful of chicken fried rice comes to my mouth, i can taste the mixture of sweet-sour-salty and savory. It is full of taste and palatable. It is one of fried rice that I will recommend to another fried rice lovers. Reputedly,the fried rice mix specially. The chicken also mix perfectly and give a good protein.



Ring kazler  sausage is a homemade sausage, the red color because it made from processed meat even though the sausage with extra size but it is well cooked and have crispy texture outside. The serving in the white plate and decorate looked like a big ring with golden yellow potato wadges inside the circle. Completing with carrot and lettuce mayo salad and extra barbecue sauce. It has tasty and rich flaovour. I wish there is a strong smoked aroma come from the sausage. But it is not less the delicious of the food.



In accordance with the menu’s name, the serving looks like a spiral-shaped sausage in the white plate. Processed chicken sausage meat is white. This menu also comes with potato wedges, salad and barbecue sauce, no different from kanzlers sausage king. But sweeter than the sausage king kanzlers sausage. When I eat this sausage will take a cut of he sausage with mayo sauce and dipped with barbecue sauce. The flavors blend contrast, but  fits in the mouth.


 All of the food served are perfect and suitable with the Cimory atmosphere. The place is designed as natural as possible, such as the high ceilings provide an excellent air circulation. So it does not need an air water conditioner. The air is cool enough to enjoy the food while talk with friends of mine. The color of the place is dominated by brown wooden. Beside the restaurant you can enjoy a clear view of the Ciliwung River (thing can not be seen in Jakarta) and flows. Well that is a special thing, you can walk along the riverside to enjoy the scenery. After you full, perhaps you just enjoy the scenery while walking around and breathe fresh air. Certainly, it will not make your stomach fullness. You still can eat as much as delicious food, without the fear of fat, because the energy will be burned when walking around. Make sure you also visit the Riverside Cimory with family and dear friends.



aphroditeluvapple,  Cisarua-Bogor, 19 Agustus 2013

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