Adventure to the chocolate Jungle#yukmakanke Chocomory

Where happiness comes alive

With this tagline the owner of Chocomory, Mr. Axel  Sutanto bring the first new concept in Indonesia. he loves the premium chocolate very much since a kid. Only can get the premium when the family travel abroad. It was very difficult to have it in Indonesia.  Keep dreaming for his future goal to have the chocolate shop, now he established CHOCOMORY. He wants to deliver the exoticism of chocolate. Certainly, everybody loves chocolate, from the old until young people.

Chocomory stands for the chocolate  jungle.  It is the first chocolate factory-shop in Indonesia and one part of the business CIMORY Group. Not only present the premium chocolate quality but also teach the consumer the art of making chocolate. Before he made up his mind with the idea, he traveled all around the world to find the best chocolate. Inspiring from the chocolate factory,chcocolatier in Belgium and the concept in Swiss which is mixing between retail and the entertainment, where the consumer and chocolate lover all over the world can see how the chocolate making, the core ,the cleanliness of the factory and the way of the chocolate maker show their skill in making chocolate. He told”There is nothing to hide”. It also show the positive and young spirit attitude in running business.

He brought that idea and present the freshest chocolate that can be found in Indonesia. He makes the open factory where it will build the appreciation for chocolate lovers and people who don’t know how the chocolate can come to their mouth. Bay the way, have you ever known that Indonesia is the third biggest producer of chocolate in the world?. Maybe we don’t even realize yet,because our  lack appreciation to the local chocolate. Our chocolate being export to Europe. Chocomory will help to spread up to all Indonesian about the premium chocolate and how precious this fruit. Because of that chocomory take the best raw material in the world. One of the best chocolate material come from Belgium. Even though, the core material are processed in Indonesia, but the quality can compete with the European chocolate. That’s why the chocomory chocolate melt into your mouth. When it melts, it will delivery happiness to you, because chocolate produce dopamin and serotinin, two hormone that deliver happiness to your brain.





2013-08-19 15.40.12


You don’t need to go abroad to get the premium chocolate, just visit kompleks Cimory Riverside, Jalan Raya Puncak 415 Cisarua-Bogor. It sales nowhere else, it is exclusive in the CHOCOMORY shop. You not only get the finest chocolate, but will get the awesome atmosphere and great view. You can talk a walk in the riverside with your family and friends.


2013-08-19 10.35.21

So get your chocolate in Chocomory and  enjoy your day.

aphroditeluvapple, Cisarua-Bogor, 19 August 2013

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