The Second Month of Swap Blog #A love Story from Dua Badai

It’s my turn to decide what is the second month theme of the Swap Blog. In July, the first theme is  “a life in a day” that host by Gelato Traveler. Now, as the co host of August, I want to swap about “love story”. When I stated to others swappers, some of them in the middle of confusing because have so many love stories to shares and some are less.  My swappers list for august

Gelato Traveler with  Tukang Minggat 

Emak Gaoel with Om Ndut

Honeylizious with Yusuf

Dua Badai with Aphrodite Luv Apple

Let’s go, I would like to introduce you to my guest in my blog for August. I have been looking for some information about him (seem like a paparazzi.  They said that you have to know who is you are welcome in your home. His blog name is DUA Badai, it is abbreviation from Dazzling Universe according to Badai. It’s a coincidental that we have same zodiac. His born day is one day after me. After 28th March. Maybe it’s also reflected to his writing soul which are very poetic, romantic and dramatic. If you want to get know, just check it more in his writing about love story.

Like his name Badai which means, storm. He has such a  powerful name. Might be his spirit more than storm. As he stated in his blog that his physical body may reside in Indonesia land, but his mind always travels across the universe. It show that how much he just into travelling and across the limit.

His passion for writing, travelling and photography make him stay as a freelance photographer.  His work ever published for several online and printed media and now he contributes as travel contributor in online magazine.

His thought about travelling,

For me, traveling is not about going places faraway, but it’s more about seeing things in different ways, how deep you’ve been touched & inspired.  Traveling is embracing your inexpert.  Open your door, and explore your neglected home backyard one day and it’s worth traveling I say.  My posts here are intended to encourage you to see a different perspective of traveling.

Please welcome Dua Badai  in my Blog with full of bright smile and sunshine.Image

picture was taken from:

aphroditeluvapple, Lebak Bulus, 17 August 2013

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