10th Fun Day with Zespri® Kiwifruit, Happy Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak for all Muslims all over the world. The holy spirit of this day breakthrough my vein. I was so excited. In this celebration, after the 30 days fasting, I hope that I can start all over from beginning like a new page. Zespri® Kiwifruit is with me now, to accompany all of the oily food that almost exist in Eid. Zespri® Kiwifruit is a good catalyst after we eat all of fat. It will help to keep balance of the diet. You know what kind of food exist on the table. Let me tell you, rendang, opor ayam, ketupat, soto, sate. Those all very delicious food, but also contain more fat.

But I tried to present something different in Eid. With MG, my cooking partner, we present something new base on our version. We combined the traditional meat dendeng with red rice and kiwi. We named kiwi dendeng red rice.

 kiwi dendeng red rice


Kiwi Caramel Pudding


We also made some pudding. The kiwi caramel pudding. We put extra kiwi in the top of caramel puding. We share it with friends. So when we visited friends who open their house in eid mubarak, we brought the caramel kiwi pudding for gift.



After visiting some friends’s house, it will be a fun, because my day was accompanied by Zespri® Kiwifruit. Happy Eid Mubarak.

aphroditeluvapple, Lebak Bulus, 8th augustus 2013

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