8th Fun Day with Zespri® Kiwifruit, Meet Kiwi Growers!

Do you know where does the world’s best kiwifruit come from?. It comes from the world’s best growers. Zespri have nearly 3,000 growers in Ne Zealand, each growers using the innovative orchard management system developed over a century to produce the finest kiwifruit available. It result the consistent delicious flavor with high quality, and larger sizes. It is passage from seed to shelf. ZESPRI®  is rooted in quality and fostered by passionate people every step of the way. It’s handed by the passionate growers.

Now, from the growers, I continue to handle to continue my experiment in my 8th fun day with Zespri®. Once again I tried to mix the traditional taste with kiwi, Red Rice Kiwi and Bilih small-fish. The drink is Sparkling Kiwi.

Red Rice Kiwi and Bilih small-fish

ImageRed Rice is  a healthy food. Here, I combined with bilih small fish, you only can find in the Singkarak Lake in West Sumatera. It’s one of the characteristic of the lake fish. It will rich the taste with the sour-sweet kiwi.

Sparkling Kiwi


That’s my 8th day experience, another day will come forward to challenge more. 

aphroditeluvapple, Lebak Bulus, 6th August 2013

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