7th Fun Day with Zespri® Kiwifruit, How to select and store your Zespri Kiwifruit

Everyone knows, when you are looking for the best quality kiwifruit, you have to seek for the Zespri Kiwifruit label. This producer always guarantee the kiwi lovers and consumers to get the finest flavor and most consistent quality.  The good kiwi fruits are plump and smooth skinned, free from wrinkles, bruises or punctures.

It’s the tips the I’ve got from the official website of zespri kiwifruit, just check it out:

  • Zespri Gold and SunGold Kiwifruit are usually ready to eat when purchased from your produce market. Gold and SunGold kiwifruit should be soft to the touch, like either a ripe peach or avocado. When ripe, kiwifruit should be stored in your refrigerator, which is appropriate since many people love the flavor of these fruits when chilled.
  • Zespri Green Kiwifruit may often be a bit too firm when purchased, necessitating home ripening. To accomplish this, simply leave your green kiwifruit at room temperature until it reaches your preferred level of ripeness, usually in three to five days. The firmer your green kiwifruit, the more tart it will taste – softer will be sweeter. 
If you just can’t wait to eat that delicious kiwifruit you can place the whole fruit in a paper bag with either an apple or banana and keep them on your kitchen counter. These fruits produce natural ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening of your favorite kiwifruit. So, ripe kiwifruits should be stored away from bananas and apples.
Once ripe, you may want to move your kiwifruit to the refrigerator to prevent them from spoiling.
Zespri Kiwifruit is committed to quality growing practices to ensure your kiwifruit is of the finest quality.
Take some time when selecting your kiwifruit to ensure you are getting the best quality product your money can buy. At Zespri Kiwifruit, our growers are dedicated to bringing you the best fruit possible and we are certain that you won’t be disappointed.

That’s all the tips how you select and store your kiwi firuit. So, your money is worth it to buy this healthy fruit. Like usual, it’s the seventh day my experience with kiwi. I still share you the food that can be garnished with kiwi or can be mixed with it. Here are they; Seafood Thai Kiwi Salad and the fresh drink, . It’s the healthy food that you should add to your list.

Seafood Thai Kiwi Salad


 Kiwi Lime






source: http://zesprikiwi.com/

aphroditeluvapple, Lebak Bulus, 5 August 2013

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