6th Fun Day with Zespri® Kiwifruit

Sunday and it’s holiday, what would you do as mom and dad for you kids. Sometimes you are busy. With a kind of help of this unique fruit, kiwi, it will help your families nourish and flourish with good nutrition.  It won’t be a big struggle for you to ask your kids to eat it, because this fuzzy, vibrant fruits give more fun and flavor to kids meals. Here are some tips for mom and dad about Kiwi,




  • Kiwifruit delivers kid friendly nutrition. Kiwifruit has been recognized as a Super Food and one of the most nutrient dense among popular fruits. This means one two-piece serving of kiwifruit has twice the vitamin C of an orange, as much potassium as a banana and as much fiber as many whole grain cereals.

  • Not hard to find a quality kiwifruit. Parents love kiwifruit because they’re easy to find in the produce section at their local grocery store. It is also easy to pick a ripe kiwifruit: just look for plump and smooth-skinned kiwifruit with no wrinkles, bruises or punctures.

  • It’s easy, just cut and scoop. Don’t let this fuzzy little fruit intimidate you – kids find kiwifruit easier to eat than you might think. Just cut in half and scoop out the fruit. No need to peel.

  • Add variety to kids’ meals. Parents actively seek ideas for new foods to introduce into their kids’ diets, and kids love choices. The vibrant colors of kiwifruit are accompanied by extreme flavors that kids crave. Both varieties did well in our informal taste tests with kids. GREEN offers a tangy-sweet flavor, while GOLD is more tropical-sweet.

  • Picky eaters enjoy ZESPRI™ Kiwifruit. Children appear to have unlearned taste predispositions, with a preference for sweet flavors like kiwifruit, and a rejection of bitter tastes. There is no need to waste a lot of money on foods kids won’t eat when informal taste tests show that children naturally enjoy nutrient-packed GREEN and GOLD Kiwifruit.

  • A gentle choice for young children. Kiwifruit’s “bite-for-bite” nutrient density makes it perfect for young children, who don’t eat large quantities of any one food. The soft texture also give­­­s it an added bonus when feeding young ones.

  • Fresh, ripe and in season. Enjoy summer’s bounty with ZESPRI® Kiwifruit. GREEN is in season from May to November and GOLD is in season from May to October. The bold burst of flavor tastes best with warm weather, from a day at the beach to summer cookouts, from snacks after camp to those first crisp days of the school year.

Now with a little of imagination and creation to cherish your kid’s Sunday, I deliver some meals that will encourage your kids to eat healthy food. They are Kiwi Coconut Tree and Kiwi Konyaku. 

Kiwi Coconut Tree



Kiwi Konyaku




aphroditeluvapple, Lebak Bulus, 4 August 2013






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