2nd Fun Day with Zespri® Kiwifruit

It seem 31 July was a busy day because I need to help DA (my host initial name) to make the quiche lorraine order.  Actually, After an outing in Citarik, Sukabumi last weekend, my body was not really fit. No worries, because I had start my first saum with Zespri® Kiwifruit And Zespri® Kiwifruit  really make my day. You know, this small fruit has 2 times vitamin C more than oranges. It contains vitamin C in mg/100 per each fruit. It is based on USDA Nutrient Database. It also has 5 times nutrition more than apple. The nutrient density is /100kcal, based on Journal of the American Dietetic Association 105,1881-1887. Indeed, it is very help me to maintain my diet. With the tagline, healthy is easy, Zespri® Kiwifruit give more to the consumer, not only fresh and yummy fruit, but also health as well. So, what u can deny from this amazing fruit.

After help DA until afternoon, we needed to buy some vegetables in the supermarket and need to queued at the bank. When arrived home, MG also helped me with my breakfasting menu for today. I will let you know what I had, they are kiwi yellow rice and mint kiwi pudding.

 The Kiwi Yellow Rice


Yellow rice is nasi kuning in Indonesia. It’s different taste with white rice, it has more taste. I combine it with kering tempe, omelet, cucumber and of course i’ve got the sour and sweet taste from kiwi. I think, it just like east meet west, what happened?? That’s only undertanding taste in my mouth.

The Mint Kiwi Pudding


It’s really good for your digest, and very healthy. Because I use low sugar within pudding and put some mint to give more aroma. The pudding isn’t sweet, but when you take one, you will take more and more.



That’s an experiment for today, I can’t wait what should I make for the next day.

Aphroditeluvapple,Lebak Bulus, 31 July 2013

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