CS COOKING CLASS, It’s more than cook and it’s entertaining

It’s my first time to gather and follow Couch Surfing cooking class in Jakarta. I was invited by the cs cooking class mommy, Magda-Magda. The host is mbak Yuli Astuti in her warm nice hospitable  house in Pesona depok Estate. With the address that i had, i went off in the early morning from Stasiun Kota, Jakarta.  I reached in Stasiun Depok Baru. Mbak Yuli’s home behind Ramayana shopping mall. With the heavy backpacked, I walked around to find some gift for the host. Because I didn’t have enough energy to walk through, I brought the light one. I took ojek to her place that cost 5.000 IDR. I thought the home was far away because the ojek’s rider miss dropped me to 2 AR instead 2 AF.

I was the first coming. With the welcome and embrace greeting from the host I enter the home. Not long after that the others were coming. They Were Mbak Magda, Mbak Debby, Mbak Dee, Mbak Honey, Mbay Ariani, Mbak Emi and others Mbak Mbak.  Mbak Magda rent her apron that I should pay, but I never pay for it. We started to make shepherd pie and two cookies, kastangel and lidah kucing.

Our pie was  not ready yet for lunch, and Mbak Magda had brought some pasta for us. We heated in and had lunch together. The special drink is wedang ungu, mbak Magda brought some ingredients from Yogyakarta and made the drink for us. How should I say, it’s the combination east congregate west, wedang from Indonesia and pasta from Italy. The combination was magnificent and groovy.

The pie was very mouth-watering and the cookies also scrumptious. In a minute, most of us become the chef. During cooking the shepherd pie, we watched the guideline from chef Gordon. Voila, the result was delightful. I thought we already beaten chef Gordon.

Mbak Dee gave great effort to make lidah kucing, because we still had a lot of stuff to bake. This is not really good idea to make cookies for cooking class, because it’s really took more time. The schedule held up for more than three hours. We just finished cooking at 4.30 pm.

I can’t wait to come to another cooking class, to meet new people, to try new recipe and to explore new taste. To make the lip-smacking food which attract me.


chicken and meat shepered pie



it’s cooking time


We are ready to eat

aphroditeluvapple, 6 July 2013, Depok


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