Cooking Lover -Cook till Die

In the middle of day on the Saturday, I came to Mbak Magda’s house. She will host me while I’m staying in Jakarta. She stayed with her  sister Mbak Debby  who I met in potluck before.  It’s very easy for me to find her house because she gave me a clear direction. I rang the bell, and the lady maid help me to open the gate. I amazed with the comfortable home, it is very  cool and shady. Because in their garden, they  have some plants like bamboo, mango, rose apple, etc.  The architecture of the house in very unique and I just knew that was inspired by the Japanese home design.

One of the favorite place is kitchen and dining room for getting together. They have a lot of souvenirs from almost all over the world, because they are travelling junkies. What a special about their home, because they have four refrigerators and one big freezer that full of things. They also have a complete ingredients. It looks like I enter the home of Anna Olsen or Chef Gordon’s home. It’s totally complete of the food stuff. They have a lot of ingredients or basic food from all over the world, they buy while their travelling. You can find  from Indonesian traditional ingredients until western ingredients. It’s really like a mini market. You can find what you want here.

In the Saturday night, what the best thing you will ever have after swimming. Mbak Magda and Mbak Debby made shabu-shabu originally from Japan. That was one of the hot dish I ever taste.  It was so perfect because the food was accompanied with quice lorrine. Quice lorraine was originated from German, but nowadays popular as a classic French pastry. Mbak Debby and Mbak Magda made quiche lorraine which is an open pie filling of custard with salmon and broccoli. Nobody can deny it.


shabu shabu


quiche lorraine

In the next day, Sunday, for break the fasting, Mbak Magda prepared Lumpia Vietnam, and rujak Juhi was made by Mbak Debby.  It’s asia meet asia time. The lumpia was made from rice flour and have some lettuce, cucumber, carrot, and chicken fillet. I even can’t deny that Rujak Juhi is also one of the Indonesian’s best food.


lumpia vietnam dan rujak juhi

For Monday, I, Mbak Debby and mbak Magda prepared  red rice grilled with salted little fish. We also made ketchup chicken grilled with tofu and tempe sate. That day was great food, and they invited their friend, Uda Henry to taste our cooking. the result was he ate up all of the food clean. It means that our food was stunning and delicious.


red rice grilled with salted little fish

In the Thursday, Mbak Magda cooked topokki or dukboki. It was one of Korean food street. She also baked some Maryam bread. It is well known food in the Middle East.



For today, what food you can guess that we had prepared?. Today I made special dendeng batokok, one of the famous Minang culinary. Even, it needed more time to make, but we got the good result. Mbak Debby made Bandeng Bali’s ingredient, it’s so spicy and tasty. They brought the food for their friend. The friend said whether she can have delivery catering.


if three woman spent time together and like to cook, no the best deal they can make. They will spend more time to think what food will bring to the table, and we still have long list to cook. Are you ready to know what next that we will have in the kitchen?

aphroditeluvapple, 17th July, 2013, Lebak Bulus



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