A Fritter of Time With Culen

After a couple of weeks in Jakarta, I encountered with my lovely friend, Culen. We met in Blok M. It was not good choice for me, because it’s a little bit far away from my staying place. But, I know that Culen still couldn’t make further from her brother’s home. I didn’t want her brother will worry about her. Because Jakarta is still Jakarta. It fulls of prejudice of crime.

I set off from Kemayoran Landasan Pacu Timur to Stasiun Kota. On my walk to the shelter, I rushed the man with the motorcycle. I just set eyes on the robbery in front of my eyes. Nobody cares or tried to catch the rider. Only a few walks to the target. That was an India lady with her boy. She looked very shocked and couldn’t belief what just came to pass her.  The robber tried to rob the lady’s necklace. Lucky for her, she could hold it by her hand. The rider ride his motor and the friend in the back rob. He was brief. That accident was immediate. I looked her style, she was attracted the robber with her jewelery. The lesson, when you roam around big city never use attractive jewelery. It just fish out the criminal.

I took a depth breath and continue my walk. Like at all the times, Jakarta always mystery with its traffic jam. It’s unpredictable and fickle. Even Culen had to wait more than 2 hours. She already waited for me in the station. We hug and hug again, finally we met.

The first time we did, we tried to find a place for lunch and we went to Gokanna, Ramen and Teppan.  The traffic jam had suck up my entire energy. What all  I need is food for recovery. After our stomach full, we sauntered the mall. Once again,I went down to Pasar Raya Blok M, there huge of books. The price is very cheap. I am a book lover and I can’t deny to buy when I get the good book. In fact I had extra baggage for going back home. Once more, I bought some books, first book I was interested is love letters, its contain 150 letters you were never meant to see. It’s a love letters that addressed to her/his lover. The second book is Cau Bau Kan written by Remy Syalido. The third book that I bought because I just curious the author’s name similar to my name, Cecilia Ahern with the title the book of tomorrow. I just know that she also write the novel that filmed, P.S I love you. It’s one of a good romance drama.


After that, when the girls meet up, you will know what happened. We shopped. I needed to buy some clothes, because I didn’t have any clean outfit. My laundry had been for five days, and not ready yet. Only run out of money, can stop girl to shop.

After we break our leg, we went off home. It’s beautiful day, and it was great to spend with your buddy.

Aphroditeluvapple, July, 2nd   2013

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