One day with Mia

It’s my first time to meet up with others blogger in person. Because I’m still in Jakarta, it would be a great idea to share the idea about writing and blogging with travel blogger named Agusmia. Finally, she made her mind up to meet up in Kota Tua. She is also the host for  the first Indonesia Blog Swap. My blog and hers will swap the article about life in a day.

More stories about her. She graduated from France literature Padjajaran University,West Java. The first sight, I know that she is bright, well-groomed, modest and humble young girl. She was with her brother, Haris. We walked off to Bank Mandiri Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum and had a classy lunch in Batavia Cafe.

2013-07-05 14.10.04

Mia with his brother, Haris

2013-07-05 14.10.26

Waiting for the lunch came

Mia lead to Europe for  a couple times during her university, such as for the international conference. The last visit was for Erasmus Mundus scholarship in lithuania. She qualified for the scholarship and stayed there for six months. She also met her shape of heart in Europe. It’s a very pleasant to listen her love story and travel experiences with her boyfriend.

She started work since in the university.  She does much effort to achieve her goal. She ever worked in GoGirl magazine. Now she work in Czechoslovakia embassy in Jakarta. She speaks English and French very well, it gives  more advantages to work in the embassy. She is open minded, well educated, flexible and very tolerant for what she loves.

She exchanged her experiences about the Big Blog Exchanged past experience. I thought that she deserve to win the competition and be 16 bloggers. But none of Indonesia win. During the competition, she did a campaign to vote her blog and it works as well for the new starter.  No doubt she as the first rank among Indonesia bloggers.

She likes ice cream and gelato very much and it inspires her to write down the blog as the Gelato traveler. She runs the blog with her boy friend wh named Jacknass traveler, he stays a thousand miles, in Lithuania. Her dream wants to have an ice cream restaurant. That’s why she likes to try new places for eating even for luxury one. It is one of the investment for her vision in the future.

Well, it’s very nice to meet her. I hope that the good relationship will continue on the cyber and real life. It’s my wishes for your success and i hope you can persuade you dream. You wil be happy with your love life with your foreign husband and both of you will travel the world. It’s short time to know her, but it always continue after the first.

Aphroditeluvapple, 5th July, 2013, Kemayoran

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