Second Day of Each Month

If I would choose a day in my daily life, I would refer to the 2nd day in every month that I’m going through. Why the is it? Well, it’s simply because this day is kind a distinct for me and Jacknass Traveler ;).
So yeah, like other weekdays, on 2nd July 2013 I went to work. It was such a good day because there wasn’t so many things on my desk. So, I had a slight of Swap Blog in order to know the updates from other Swappers. Some of them already made the introduction about Swap Blog. So, it’s ticking time for me to post about Swap Blog on YouthGoTravel.

While enjoying my homemade lunch, Schotel Spaghetti with Covered Pastel and Cheese Bratwurst I was composing the post. However, my task was waiting to be done already on my table. So, I had to back to work firstly ;).

swap mia2Time for the coffee break and it was such a great day to get Chiffon Nut Cake right away from Czech Republic :3. Thanks to one of my colleagues :D. It boosted my mood to introduce Swap Blog on my blog. When I’m done with the post, it was almost the time to go home. What a short and fun day, especially when I remembered about this special day.

Before going home, I walked to the Plaza Indonesia, the nearest Shopping Mall from my office. I redeemed a coffee voucher with Ice Caramel Macchiato. Sooo fresh! Then, let’s buy some ingredient for tonight celebration; some apples, puff pastry and must buy ice cream!

swapper mia1Voila! The final result is Obuoliu Bandeles a.k.a Croissant Apple or Apple Danish made by Chef Gelato Traveler. This pastry is my favorite breakfast when I was living in Lithuania. Unfortunately, there’s barely a bakery in Jakarta who sale the same delicious pastry as in my favorite bakeries in Kaunas. Therefore, to celebrate 14th month of our first meeting, Jacknass traveler and I, we had an idea to make our own  Obuoliu Bandeles. Indeed, my bandeles taste very scrumptious and almost similar with the ones that I ate in Kaunas.

 swapper mia2
 Well, that’s why I chose this day as my “Life in A Day”! as the first swapped article in Swap Blog. Every second day in each month, I always have something to celebrate which makes me happy and grateful with the long relationship that I have. It boost my confidence that someday, i will be able to meet and travel together again with Jacknass Traveler. If you’re curious about our adventurous trips together, kindly here.
At last, I would like to thank Cicilia to write on her blog! Hopefully, that i will get chance soon. Indeed, I will also write about my trip with her to one old place in Jakarta on my weblog. I guarantee that it will be an interesting rendez-vous to read ;).

Gelato Traveler, Indonesia, 7th July 2013

8 comments on “Second Day of Each Month

  1. OMG *ekspresi melongo sedikit histeris*
    Mia nyebut-nyebut Republik Ceko *mupeng* hehehe 🙂
    Mia dengan rambut pendek lebih keliatan tomboi ya. Tapi lebih tangguh gitu kesannya. Traveler banget 🙂

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