The Indonesia First Blog Swap

In the middle of disappointment, creating another alternatives. Started from disappointment of finalist of Indonesian bloggers because not going through become one of 16 exchanged bloggers in Big Blog Exchanged. They have a good blog and a great motivation to be a part of the competition. But none of them were chosen as the Indonesian representative. It’s just like classical problem, because the sponsor “Hostelling Internasional” still not have hostel branch in Indonesia.  For clear, it will be another problem for it to take the winner from Indonesia. Where the exchanged blogger will be placed if none HI  in the Indonesia?. Because all of the winners country were represented of the hostel branch. Since beginning, it had already predicted that the winner will be the country who had the HI branch. In the beginning, it was told that everyone had same chance to be the 16 lucky bloggers to exchange as long as they have a good motivation and spirit about spread the Big Blog Exchange will change the world. But, the wild card winners also not as amaze like what people thought. We even didn’t know why their blog were choosen. I didn’t read any confirmation from the judges why their blog become the wildcard in the blog.

Since beginning the committee should make the requirement that all of the bloggers who can follow the competition should be country that has HI branch. In fact, Indonesia has more bloggers as the finalist and their blog also great and have a good motivation and the spirit about the exchange. Unfortunately, the committee only embrace their self with their own tagline and not prove like what it was mention. One of Indonesian blogger who felt not satisfied with their decision, send an email asked why. You know the answer always in safe mode reply. And the story why none Indonesian bloggers not be a part a mystery that can answer by people. The committee only want the BBE become trending topic and with the amount of Indonesian bloggers who join in this competition, they had already got name. They might be thought that Indonesian only the cheerleader of the competition or only as the enhancer for the BBE. But we are not underdog bloggers who they can’t count in it.

Because of the BBE, finalist of Indonesian bloggers who in the beginning were compete each other in the voting were stick together. Before of the announcement of the 16 winners, Indonesia bloggers had supported each other whomsoever the winner, at least Indonesia will be one of 16. But in the announcement, they were pretty sad, not because they were not win. They were sad none of Indonesian. And more sad because all of the fact that people thought were right and the answer of the BBE team was not satisfied. They just let it on the air. Because of that historical story, Indonesian finalist make their own swap blog. They will swap blog among the finalist and it will be the first Blog Swap in Indonesia.

I will let you know how the swap blog will work. In every early new month, the finalist blogger will swap their blog with another blogger. She/he will post a new article based on the theme that determined by the host. The host will have a chance to swap the bloggers and choose the theme.  It started on this July, and the first host is Agusmia from Gelato Traveler. She had chosen who is going to swap with who. Just take a look for a moment.  The theme that she decided “life in a day”. Ever bloggers can interpret the theme by their self.

Gelato Traveler with Aphrodite Luv Apple

Dua Badai with Emak Gaoel

Om Ndut with Honeylizious

Tukang Minggat with Yusuf

I think you are all going to be very excited about what they will write and how they convey their writing in my blog. Don’t worry, I will have a special writing to introduce you who is very lucky to swap in my blog for the first time and another blogger who will be a guest for next. So, happy blog walking and take your time to know others bloggers.

10 comments on “The Indonesia First Blog Swap

  1. tsurhaaaaat … hahahaha … #ketawagetir
    masih terasa sakit itu… #halah
    biarin deh BBE menggonggong, finalis Indonesia melipir di Swap Blog…wakakakakkk….

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