Explore Korean Food, Strange Taste and Yummy

I and Xabi went for dinner. I told him that I didn’t have any references where to eat. At that night, I wanted to eat something different that I did for dinner. He was agree and got ready for a while.  From his place, we walked to Grand Indonesia. He asked to eat in food louvre “Mr Park”. It is a Korean casual dining food. Actually, I never try Korean food and don’t have any idea what is about. Xabi told that his friend suggested that place and the food is awesome. In fact, I am a little bit doubt, because I never try any references from foreign people for trying food. For my tongue, the best food still Minang food with spicy and chilly taste. It will be a challenge for him to make me like the food.


The display of Mr. Park

 Mr. Park have nice interior with wood ornament and it displays some replica of the food that known as art dummy. The food from art dumy is so colourful and looks like the original food. That was attempted my appetite to eat them. The most ordered menu is a family package.  The food  is served in a big plate with some coloum that fill with different kinds of side dish such as, korean fried rice with mayonaise, chicken katsu, fried noodle, japhaceo or korean rice flour noodle, chicken wings and salad .  It can be eaten by three until four people.  There is also chicken Gochujnag, it is chicken wings with sweet-sour flavour.  portion is also a pretty big enough.

Because we only two, Xabi ordered bibimbap for himself . The food serves with hot bowl. It’s rice with  vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, mushroom  and put extra Korean sauce with red colour and spicy. Plus you can choose the half cooked or well cooked a sunny egg. To eat it you have to keep mixing the rice before it became crust that stick on the bowl. bibimbap is served with soup and kimchi. He let me try his food and the taste is so strange in my mouth but was delicious and rich of flavour.



 I orderEd ramen beef kimchi. It was hot and spicy Korean noodle with beef. The taste was so yummy, and the portion is pretty big for me. I don’t have enough courage to try the new Korean taste, so I choose ramen. Xabi told if the ramen is spicy for me, it would be more extra spicy for him.because, I was not really becareul in eating it, i even can’t differenciate between the vegetables and the chili. So, it was super hot ramen for me.

The great food will be more delicious with the great companion. With the great food, we had some light talk about culture. Even we kept silent for a moment, because both of us really damn full with the food. Xabi even did not finished his food. I also couldn’t finish it. I told him that my sister will be so very jealous because I tried the Korean food. She is one of the big fans of KPOP and Korean culture. But unfortunately we didn’t have such a food place in Padang. i also didn’t take any pictures of the food, because I was really hungry, and really into the food. That’s why I took the photo from openrice.com, The story would be less with the picture. But that was my minus, I forgot everything when I have food. After we ate the dinner, we had to walk home not to take the lift,  we didn’t want to slump much of calories. Next time,we will try another nice yummy food. Munchas gracias Xabi por la cena.

23 June 2013

 para mi bien, guapo y buen amigo Español


MR.PARK, Korean Casual dining

Grand Indonesia, West Mall Lt. 3, Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta, 10310

Prices: up to  30 IDR

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 – 22:00

 Picture was taken from:




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