The Hat Boy

Like the other days. Mostly I will ask the traveler that passed in my city, Padang– to spend the night in Siti Nurbaya Bridge with my friends. The bridge is famous with a legend of a triangle love story and very attractive in the night. You can pick one of the two famous snacks, Corn baked and chocolate cheese banana bake to accompany you to spend the night. Most of the travelers will choose chocolate cheese banana bake rather the corn baked.

 “It’s the beautiful place to spend night, good spot to hang out” comment Andreas, the cyclist from America who just started his round world cycling.

 “Yes, its nice place but I just wonder, that I can remove this traffic jam” I act my hand like to remove or skip something in the touch screen.

“Ha ha ha” he laughed, “it will be a taught job”

“Yeah…I know. It’s difficult issue to handle in my country, not only in the capital, but it also here”  I also feel sympathy with the entire unarranged thing in my country. It seems most of others people have already understood my country in bad image, just like it would be fine if they see much garbage because they know that they are in Indonesia. Even look like a joke-and it’s a bad-pretty joke.

 A few minutes later, the seller brought him chocolate-cheese banana bake. I will reject the offering to eat, because I already eaten it since I was young. When he enjoyed the food, I were sitting and looking to the flickering fairy lights. One boy approached me and he asked money into his basket which he was carried. The boy with the hat, and many of them hang around in my city, some of them on the street  in every crossroad, some roam in the market, some other roam on the bus and brought some small letter that contain he need money to survive for his family, and some others asked  money door to door. It’s pretty sad, when government tells the national economic increase year per year, but it’s also increase the population of beggar and homeless.

They grow like a mushroom in the monsoon time. If I looked on a few years back, I couldn’t find any of them on the street. My heart was battle at the time, to give or not. I already promised to myself that I never give the small kids money (even they persist to ask money). Because it’s not good example, it just created another evil circle, it just regenerated the spoiled and lazy and uncreative generations. I just told him sorry that I couldn’t give him any money. But he was so persuasive to ask, he even juxtaposed his basket to my hand. It’s a little bit dramatic although. But I kept like a statue; he still pushed me to give him money.   Maybe he quite boring to wait, but he still didn’t go. One of my friend just pity and want to let him go away from us, he put some money in the basket. Then the boys went away.

“At least, he gone” my friends looked at me with chagrined expression because I warned him not to give. The hat boy had just walked a few steps and suddenly we heard the ringing phone. That ringing was not belong to us.  We just amazed that the boy had. He just in call and he has more sophisticated that my friend has. What a weird world!

ps: anak-anak dijadikan kuda pelajang bukit oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab. dan jangan jadikan anak-anak terbiasa dengan menadahkan tangan dengan meminta, biasakan mereka untuk berusaha dan bekerja untuk mendapatkan sesuatu. mengasihani mereka dengan memberikan recehan bukanlah solusi, itu hanya akan melahirkan generasi pemalas dan tidak mau bekerja, generasi yang hanya menadahkan tangannya. Kuatkan Hati, bantulah mereka dengan memberdayakan potensi yang ada pada mereka.

4 comments on “The Hat Boy

  1. Apa yang terjadi di Padang juga terjadi di kota-kota lain ya… walaupun Indonesia terkenal dengan macet, ketimpangan sosial tapi aku yakin bule-bule hebat itu tetep cinta Indonesia ^^

    Btw, dari awal sudah ngebayangin Chocolate cheese banana bake haha. Kalo ke Padang kudu coba banget nget nget!

    • iya, they love Indonesia because its nature:), and it’s very pity for us if we don’t preserve it for our next generation…ditunggu lo wong kito datang ke Padang, pastinya nanti disambut dngan tari pasambahan:). kalo perlu karpet hitam dibentangkan dari PLEMBANG-Padang:D,

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