The Dynamics, Uniqueness and Fact about THE BIG BLOG EXCHANGE

Started since 1 March for 45 days of voting with massive bloggers join this program. Almost 1,173 bloggers from all over the world and 16 April 2013 was announced 100 top finalists. Big blog exchanged become one of the hot trending topics in global and local media. It showed the success of the competition to be one of the biggest projects in this year.

 In just in a short time “this project already had got 90,000 votes for individual bloggers, 26,000 Facebook likes and an audience of over 2,500,000 on Twitter, The Big Blog Exchange website has gained over 164,000 visits in the short time it has been online and has been ranked as one of’s top rising websites.” (Based on the BBE data).  Can you imagine that voices turn into a positive power and how the world will change by it? I am so excited and the others finalist too, we are going to be a history to united the world by the power of blog.


According to CEO of Hostelling International, Mikael Hansson “We have been overwhelmed by the number of bloggers getting involved in the project, and that we have been able to promote Hostelling International to around 170 countries in such a short time”. It is also a good media to promote Hostelling International. HI has 4000 hostels worldwide that provides a private room or simply a bed for the night with shared facilities. HI offers a good quality safe accommodation with affordable prices, fantastic and unique locations. It really helps traveler all over the world.

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 It is the unique opportunity by meeting up or gathering all over the bloggers over the world in one massive project. Without any support of the BBE team and the Hostelling international, this big project only a dream without any realizations. Now let’s take a look the finalist from four regions, Africa & Middle East, America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

there are five countries that selected based on Africa region, such As South Africa, Israel, Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria.  The first top 25 of the Africa is Morroco with 1149 votes.  You can take a look to her blog Another fact, South Africa is a country with top bloggers get to top 100 finalist (20 finalists).  Some interesting blog that you can check;


 America only represent for countries, Brazil, United stated of America, Canada and Argentina. America and Canada are two top competitors voting. They gave a high range to others competitor. Alternately, America and Canada will substitute in the top five of the worlds. From my blog walking, I know both of them are two good blogs and creative. One of the blog from America will raffle her camera for anybody who votes her. That’s why I also share her blog to my friends, who knows one of them can be the lucky one to get the camera. Another one the blog from Canada make a fan page in the facebook to support him. So many ways to reach the good voting^^, maybe you can pick one of the idea if there will be a second BBE next year. Please check some interesting blog in America region;

Four among the top ten are from Asia Pacific. They also made a good range of voting, if we compare with the football match, it is the hell group.  The competition to catch the voting is very active in here. But based on my experiences, this group really supports each others. Because of the project the bloggers from Indonesia united and motivated each others. Doesn’t it this simple situation show how strong and how much the influence of this project. BBE just proved that there is a huge power than the voting itself, the power to united and change the world to better place to live. Just take a look some interesting blog that can be a reference for you;

 Publication12Europe is one the region with various and multi finalist countries. It has eleven finalists from different countries, such as Hungary, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Slovenia, Iceland, Netherlands, Chezh Republic and Ireland. And why you want to be in Europe, you can check two finalists from Europe region as the recommendations,



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