The writing that I quote from Henry Rollins was motivated me to see another places, not only in Indonesia but also somewhere in another hampshire. How he persuaded the young generation that they have to travel to see the world differently. When they find something different maybe they will value it more. Sometimes when I only think about how graduate from college  how to get good mark, how to get the good job, how to have the fine house, how to get the luxurious car and whatever. Those are only a thing and can be a numb if I not value it. There are a lot of things more fundamental other than those, and I even never realise, because sometime I only focus myself,  and how to get being a human, maybe I even forget to put a soul and a feel inside. Just like, the global climate change is very real situation, and not only me who need to cares but also all of the people who in the earth, even when I don’t value the water when others need of walking 12 miles away for four bucket of water.

Those are a lot of my reason for travelling, and this Project of Big Blog Exchange is one of media that can fulfill my dream. Maybe when I  see to different countries, maybe I can see  my country and president differently. I know that I will love Indonesia more and more. So, Let’s take a look again, how friends out there gave their support motivation for  me;

She stays for six months in West Sumatera, in a village. There’s a lot of things that can bring her back to Indonesia. Not only because of the beautiful view but also the multicultural variation. It was not an easy adaptation for her to face the cultural shock. But communicate with the local people  will create the cultural understanding. Everything is just need to speak up about, so each other can respect of others culture. A very nice a German girl gives her support statement to me;

Sonja Molt Cici sollte den Wettbewerb gewinnen, weil sie eine zuverlӓssige, lustige, offene und freundliche Person ist, die es verdient, die Welt zu sehen. Es sollte ihr ermӧglicht werden, ihren Traum zu verwirklichen. Sie ist mit ganzem Herzen dabei und wenn sie von ihrer “großen Reise” erzӓhlt, dann fangen ihre Augen an zu leuchten und alles andere ist vergessen. Ich wünsche ihr von ganzem Herzen, dass sie den Preis gewinnt.

Sonja Molter, Germany, Teacher.

 A lot of support from others finalist is an amazing things that you will have. I did the blog walking  to his blog, and I like the way he named his blog. For him travelling is his expression in celebrating life,feel alive and be own his own and to know himself better. Let’s see what his support statement;

Taufan Gio, Indonesia, blogger”Walaupun baru saja mengenal Cicilia sejak sama-sama menjadi finalis TBBE (Top 25 Asia atau Top 100 Dunia), namun kami sudah saling memberi dukungan satu sama lain. Inilah mungkin yang membedakan kami peserta Indonesia dengan finalis dari beberapa negara lain, karena kami mengenal konsep gotong royong dan kebersamaan. Akan halnya Cicilia secara pribadi, saya lihat potensi yang besar untuk terus berkarya dan berprestasi di dunia blogging khususnya. Maju terus Cicilia! ^^”

Taufan Gio, Indonesia, one of BBE finalist of Asia Pacific and blogge                                                                                           

Hendra Fu, I met him after the voting day in BBE. after all the chasing time of the voting, all of Indonesian bloggers update status on facebook and twit on twitter, we just release all of our stress after 45 days struggling to collect the voting. He is nice man and commit with travelling. with him and Oom Ndut, we created The Sumatera Bloggers Group on Facebook, it is the group to united all of the bloggers over Sumatera. He created the group and in one second the group become so crowded, it is very useful for the bloggers to share idea, to share the story and experiences. Just give a minute to read his support statement.

I love how the way Cicil puts some ideas on her blog. At the first time, I saw her as a very strong competitor because we did really chase one another to achieve higher position on TBBE chart. But then after both of us and some other Indonesian bloggers officially become the top 25 Asia Pacific finalist, I and Cicil become a good friend who support one and another.

She is a great blogger, you can never stop reading her notes until you it really ends. The fresh ideas that she shares also usually become a brainstorming topic to think about.

Wish all the best luck for Cicil and keep sharing the idea which could bring the betterment for the world.

Hendra Fu, indonesia, one of top 100 BBE,blogger & part time traveler

One other support that I’ve got from someone who far away from my city. She is a girl who determine with what she wants in her life, in a couple of months  she will be in Netherlands to mingle and be a part of the Nederland life. In her young age, she will experience, how great the world is, and the understanding is one key to create the peaceful world. Here is the support statement for my blog and me;

Me and Ka Cicil is far away relationship LOL . We’ve never meet before and just keep in touch by Skype . BUT , through the conversation We had , I just knew She’s very Passionate woman . And after reading her blogs , I don’t hesitate at all with Ka Cicil . She’s very concern about the environment and have a good and warm personality . Proven by the number of friends she has ! Inside and outside Indonesia . I do really support her with a billion of boost ! She can bring out the different side of Indonesia especially her home town , Padang . Which is have a bunch of Excotic places . She’s a dreamer and Unique . With a Grilled Chicken Chocolate Sausage she created means that She’s talented ! Is that kind of weird ?? 

Linuwih Prastanti, Indonesia, Aupair to Nederlands


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