It was nice when I open up my email and facebook, I got a lot of motivation statement from my friends all over the world. I am enjoying reading them this morning, then I quote and put them on my blog, it is one of my appreciation to all of people that had given much support and took a part to vote for my blog. Why i reach so far in this competition because all of their humble support, and I will dedicated some rest day before the announcement (ohh it’s really make a dynamite in my heart, it just couple days to explode). Let’s take a look them for a while, maybe you one of them;

He is one of an Indian man that works in Singapore that visited my city last February. It’s really nice that he gave his time to write and send the quotation statement for me during his hectic working day. He also support me to be a part of the Big Blog Exchange family, who knows, maybe  I am also the lucky one who will visit his country, India for the swap away to other countries. Here is Ajay said;

I really feel Cicilia deserves a top spot in the competition.  I have met her and has seen her passion for exploring new things, especially food and nature and more importantly she beautifully describes even the smallest things that go unnoticed. Her keen observation is amazing and her writing is an asset. Her blog gives a beautiful insight of her city, the people there, the visitors, the food and most importantly the sweet relations that exist between freinds and family, free from the shadows of materialism.  I strongly beleive given a chance, she can become one of the most read bloggers in the world.

Ajay Kawtia, India, Travel Mate

Ajay just told me that his roommate also check it out for my blog, and he sent me the support and motivation email. It such an amazing feeling when someone else read your article and worth it for what you have written, His email for me;

I am an Indian, travels a lot, recently in Jakarta for 14 days on business trip, had my own idea, after going through the above blog, beginning to think and appreciate this blogger who has global concerns, it is a good effort by this young writer to put her concerns on to international travelers which is providing a window to Indonesia on travel, food, environment etc. 

Though the writer goes on various issues, but can see her emphasis on awareness to improve the conditions, which made me to appreciate this writer.

more and more people should join this effort, as it is simple and straight forward to the media.

Good effort, please keep it up.

Sreenatha, India, Business Traveler

she is one of the bloggers that I I’ve met after the voting day of Big Blog Exchange. Can you imagine how the power of blog it works??? Now, it has already spread all over the world, especially Indonesia. We are bloggers from Indonesia support each others and communicate and meet through this event. Even just know her for couple days, she such a humble mother and funky, she also like to shares the information about the up to date blog competition. Maybe you can’t wait to hear what the motivation she wrote;

Cicilia adalah salah satu teman baru blogger saya yang baru saya kenal ketika mengikuti BBE. Nama-nama peserta dari Indonesia yg tertempel bendera merah putih selalu saya amati dengan seksama terutama yang masuk dalam jajaran top 25 wilayah Asia Pacific. Saya suka dengan motivasi Cicil mengikuti BBE. Selain itu Cicil juga menulis dengan gaya yang ringan dan bahasa Inggris yang nggak njelimet, sehingga bagi saya proses sharing di blognya menjadi efektif. Sukses buat Cicil di BBE dan di dunia perbloggingan. Keep sharing!

Winda Krisnadefa, Indonesia, one of Asia pacific finalist, writer and blogger

He is the kind and nice guy who loves to explore the new places. he is the one who really knows the detail of his hometown, Pesisir Selatan, in West Sumatera. One of the asset of an amazing Indonesia. The place that you won’t regret to visit, what he say??just take a look;

Saya mengenal cici melalui tulisannya yang inspiratif. Kebetulan saya penyuka traveling, dan beberapa tulisannya membahas destinasi yang menarik yang ingin saya kunjungi. Tulisannya keren dengan kata-kata yang menarik sehingga kita selalu merasa ingin membaca dan membacanya lagi. Untuk itu saya merasa cici layak memenangkan kompetisi ini. Go CICI!!!

Riko Sang Guru Muda, Lecture & Padang Backpacker Community, Indonesia



    • I’ve read her blog several times, and obviously she has a good ability to write in English. By reading her blog, makes me want to write again & improve my english writing. That’s one example of the changes that she made ​​through the blog. I think she deserve to win the competition 🙂

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