Accident and Big Blog Exchange

I am a little piss off recent these day. Some bad things stole my mood and made my bad day. Last Saturday 20 April 2013, my lovely Scooter named Poppy was hit by cars. The car suddenly crashed on my scooter when I tried to across the street. In that condition, where the light is red, that means the car and others vehicle who want to go straight direction will stop. At the time, I was shocked because I also had a passenger behind me. The reflect things that I did, because no reaction from the driver after crashing.

I shouted and hit the hood of the car by my hand, “hey, you just crashed human!”

But, there is no reaction from the driver. Once again I smacked the hood again.  Because of he did not say any sympathy at all. Surprisingly, that was a man crashed my scooter and he shouted me with bad words. I even couldn’t believe with what his saying. It’s too rude and intolerant.

I asked him to move his car to the side of the road to finish the problem. Because of I did not want to make more a new traffic jam. When he got down from his car and pointed me and still said some bad words. He told me that I did not know any rules.

I told him with my angry voice,” I can give some witnesses who is the guilty one, in fact you hit my scooter, and you did not say any sorry, and now you blame me, it’s shame on you”. I even can’t control my emotion when I deal face to face with someone who with bad attitude. Even, he said improper and offend the gender.

 I stand upright my wrist and glared, “it doesn’t have any deal with gender, it doesn’t mean I am a girl and will shut my mouth with your attitude, if someone strike on my scooter and not say any sorry, let’s go to finish in police station“,  I give my hand to punch him. But the entire person who’s there tried to calm me down.

He got in to his car again and I followed him because I did not want he went away without saying any sorry.  When I look up to his car, I saw one of uniform that famous in my country. Just now, I realize why this man never wanted to say any apologize. His ego and arrogant just embarrassed to department his belong to. He just hides back on his uniform and to what his proud of. One thing that he should understand, even though he wears that uniform, it doesn’t mean that he can treat people like he wants, I don’t want people like him use his power to weaken people. And now he just realize that he mess up with the wrong girl.



Actually, I will never want to write about this bad in my blog, because I know, everyone from all over the world can read it. It will just give embracement to department.  I even lost my great time because of this bad moment, and until now, I don’t get any idea to write down for my blog. One thing that can make me pleased from this accident, by knowing me as one of the finalist of the Big Blog Exchange.

One thing that I realised, I have to keep positive. By winning BIG BLOG EXCHANGE and swap away to another places, I hope that I mingle and emerge with people and its culture. I am just curios of another country that I will be exchanged with. I can learn and compare and I know that I will get a new learning  and experiences from it. Because I know, by comparing one place to another place, I want to know another place local knowledge in order to to create a global understanding of each other’s lives. For example, I can imagine how would be great that I can take a look the positive examples of another places police department, and I also can share that on my blog. So, even the bad accident also gives you idea!!!!

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