Time flies quickly. The closing date of the Big Blog Exchange Competition, 2013, 15th April is in front of the eyes. For me, it’s getting nervous and excited. I put the wishes list on my birthday on this 28th March that I want to be one of the part of the BBE exchanged program. I really want it so bad. I started this competition on 4th March 2013. I got the link when I was doing blog walking, I can’t stop to read about the program until I finished it and I crushed on the video of it. I don’t even have enough words to describe how this program influenced me past a few days. I don’t have enough motivation to show how much I am eager to win it. What I want not only about the winning but become of the part of the BBE Big Family World. I will share why I must be a part of this a legendary program.


Welcome World to my Home

American, Cyprus, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Indian, Korean, Malaysian, Spanish, Sweden, and many more countries are here. I mention them not because I’ve ever visited them all. But I welcome all of them in my family’s home. I’ve got a lot of inspiring and bravery stories from them. The world is not only to tell about live in your place, but it’s also about out of the box and get out of the comfortable zone. The point isn’t always about seeing the beautiful places all over the world, but also meeting the local, sharing the cultural and seeing the world with eyes, feeling and taste on your own. BBE is one of the program that proposed about the exchanged of the living, cultural and custom value. That’s why I am eager to be one of the ambassadors of the BBE representing the wonderful of Indonesia. And now it’s the time, I will come to the world.


More than Vote

Since I started, I am really having a ton of passionate to share my link to all of my family, lectures and friends. I share my link from facebook, twitter and other media social.  It’s not really easy to persuade people to vote for you and even to make them see for your writing. Even bunch of my friends are active in facebook or other media social, not all of them understand how to vote. The barrier is also about the language itself, because English isn’t our first language. Firstly, most of them said that they’ve had voted for me, but the vote counting still not increase. It’s happening, and I need more time to explain the way of voting and even have more chatting with them. It’s pretty amazing to talk more, even you have a thousand friends on Facebook, might be you not know them all. This program make me tighten the relationship with my friends. And I also try to make people understand what this competition all about, and I make an article about this in Bahasa, you can kindly check on my blog;

A lot of bloggers also have unique and different way to share their blog. Most of them have great blog and colorful, some of them have written their stories to get sympathy  Some of them also have fan page. and that’s all way is worth it to try for.

 Meet the others bloggers

Firstly, I started to blog for killing my times when I stayed away from my family. I killed my night by writing, then I combine about my other passionate “travelling”. Sometime I also write other stories, not only travelling. Because one of the biggest issue of Indonesian beautiful place that I’ve visited is garbage, I also just want to remind myself as a traveler that I also have a big responsible for the environment. That’s why I am eager to write the blog of travelling and concern for the environment. As travelers,  we have too much attention on it.

Another things that I love , I can do blog walking, and see the world by the others bloggers point of view. My first blogging, I fall in love with the,backpacker diplomacy, that’s its blog name. I learn to get correct of my English by reading his writing, because he has a good  English writing. Then I also fall in love with the, I heart Reykjavik, I Iove the way she represents her city, Reykjavik Iceland, by reading her blog take me there to her place. And I also get a blog follow from, He called himself as Om Ndut. I never know that I ever stayed in the same city.  However,  I also get support from, so it’s really show that this competition more than voting itself. I also never know that the book that I’ve read about blogging, the writer itself also follow this competition. Doesn’t it sound the world is too small  doesn’t it sound the world is a one of Big Family? That’s why once again why I want to be a part of this competition. I also vote for others bloggers because I love the way they represent their blog. It would be a great another stories if I could meet with them in real for the exchange start.


Klik this link, and you are the one who knows where i will be sent away out of my country..keep to vote and share

Travelling is my Blood

Since I was kid, my family had weekend on the beach, hometown or river. I thought that had been my blood now. When I was in college, this passionate become double multiple. I went on the weekend with my friends to explore the new place and until I joined the travel community. This passionate are getting exploded in my mind and heart. According to Hans Cristien Andersen, to travel is to live. By travelling make your life more colourful, by seeing the place is not only from the surface. I also get inspired by others travel bloggers like @duaransel, what they have done, totally blow my mind away.  The bucket list of place is my dream for BBE are Brazil and Sweden. It would be nice if I can have the exchange place with them, why these two countries. Until now, I don’t have the specific reason. Maybe just follow what my heart tell.


However, if i still try to keep writing on it, maybe i can’t stop. The idea of the writing already had been in my mind and stay for a long while. But i don’t have a good time to start write due to the hectic of my day. Once again, now i encourage myself to out of the box, and your support really help to send me away to others places that i don’t know yet. i still have an abundance of spirit and million of fire on my heart to win it. (Oh, i really want it so damn now^^). but whoever will be the top 16 are the great and lucky people. wish my self luck and others too. See you in the Exchanged Start.

Special thanks:

to all bloggers who visit mine, to all families, lectures, and friends who support me. and to whom unknown people given their time to vote for my blog. people who i can’t mention one by one, my winning will be your winning.

the flag pic was taken from :


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