Princess Jihan and King Ajay from India

I never have been such a crazy in love into kids. Her name is Jihan Haura Syafri. Her nick name is Princes Jihan (she introduced herself as a princess and her little brother as a prince). For a five years old girl who doesn’t live in English community, she absorbs so many English words easily. I had seen her picture since she was two or three years ago. She is my nephew’s friend in the university. When I was in the university, she ever saw some picture of her from laptop. She told that Jihan is sick since she was birth. There’s something problem with her lung. From the display picture in laptop I just saw a cute toddler in her headgear and warm outfit lying on the bed at the hospital.

And I never thought that I will visit her when I was in Bukittinggi. I am so excited to meet her after been years seeing her through picture. When I came to my friend’s house, she still slept and when woke up she didn’t in the good mood yet. After hours, I great her in English, and she replied shyly in English too. Jihan’s mother and aunty Culen (my friend) speak English to Jihan. Jihan understands and when she doesn’t, culen will explain in mother language.  What is so amazing about princess, she has a good understanding in English for a kid in her age.

I and Princess Jihan became a good friend. We were getting along together. We played and talked in English, I drew princess picture and she colored it. She held my hand to her room, she hang the drawing on the wall. She kept the drawing.


the bright smile of Princess Jihan and King Ajay, she rides her palace cart:D

 In night, I took her to meet my friend from India Ajay. She called him as King Ajay. Because Ajay’s face typically different with Indonesian, but she did not afraid with him. Even she likes to hold my hand and Ajay, when we hold each other, she will do small jump and jump to pedestrian. We walked for some time and enjoy the Bukittinggi in the night. We stopped and enjoyed some meal. But it’s very sad, because Jihan could not have  what others kid have. As we know, kids like chocolate and ice cream, barbeque potatoes, snack etc. But her body cannot accept kind food like that. In the beginning my friend doesn’t know about her sick, he tried to offer her. But she rejected politely and firmly. I was so sad to see a cute girl like her only can eat white rice. A normal food like we use to eat can influence her body. We even cannot ask her to the zoo, because the weather change can influence her. That was the bad night in my life, when see kids cannot have what they want.

When her aunty gives the jelly, she will wait to make sure the jelly from refrigerator will adapt with the normal temperature, and then Jihan can eat them.

“Aunty, the jelly still cold” Jihan put the jelly to the plate and she will wait until the cold gone.


jihan with her jelly

When we back home, along the road in the car we sang together, sang Indonesia, English and Minang song, we were so excited and happy. And suddenly Jihan told to her aunty

“Aunty, don’t tell mama, Jihan eat jelly in the hotel”

She meant it with her innocent face, what is implying from her sentence, she didn’t want to make her mother worries about her.


“Am I look like queen, Jihan ?” Jihan  followed me wherever I go in home. She knew today that I will leave her house. Even her aunty needed to tell her that I will wait her and will not go before she finished her bath.  She looked me when I put some powder, some black mascara and when I used lipstick.  She was very enthusiast.

“Queen doesn’t like black. Queen likes purple and blue shine. Princess likes pink because has pink heart”. She speaks very fluently in English.

Those sentences was spoken by Jihan, I hug her tightly. She has  a good grammar. I want to stay with her for quite long time, but I need to back to Padang.

Jihan told me like this ‘you can go to work, go home then back here (to her place)’ she smiled when she had spoken out the idea.

“But, aunty queen cannot do that Jihan, because Bukitinngi is far away from Padang” I try to give understanding to her.

Jihan said ”you know, friend don’t go”

I saw through her eyes, and I cannot look into the eyes. I was very sad when she sad like that.

‘I will visit you another time and we play, but I will go to work to Padang’

She smiled again and play with the bracelet that I gave her as a symbol of our friendship “don’t worry, you still my friend”

I hug her tighly and she kissed me.


That was a lovely day that I had with Jihan. And I am still truly to be her friend and always be like that. I even have to say sorry to Ajay and Akmar because I came late for our appointment. I dissolve and play with her. Even I’m a little bit lazy to move on because I still want to spend time with Princess. Just hope my princess will be always fine, and smile always be on her lips, I hope this year she can go to school and has a great time for friendship. May  AllAH Bless u my princess.

Thanks to special day: Princess Jihan, Aunty Culen, King Ajay and Akhmar

February, 11, 2013


One comment on “Princess Jihan and King Ajay from India

  1. Jihan is similar to me when i was a kids back then. I cant eat ice cream with too much colour in it, drink warm water after eating ice cream or anything cold. Not to go outside in the morning or late at jight due to the cold weather changes. From ur story, jihan is very kind girl and she knows how to obey an order. What a lovely kids 🙂

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