Then Hidden Lagoon in Kiluan Lampung, jump in!!!

When I was in Lampung, in the Kiluan, we went to the hidden Lagoon. We walked for an hour, and the track was not so easy. We just like went down to the hill, it was so slope. I even out of my breath,  I was too tired to walk.  I told to my friend, the place have to be beautiful, because all of the sacrifice to reach the place. I didn’t want to be disappointed to see just like a common place. In the beginning we only passed like the thin forest, and then we enter the beach. I though the lagoon was near that beach, but our guide told the place was still far away. We had to climb the rock,  passed the two bamboo-way to across from one edge to another edge, if you see down was sea and the way u stepped in was narrow.

When I arrived in the lagoon which was really the hidden lagoon, nobody was there, that was prefect place, just like yours. I even could not close my mouth because I was amazed with the God creation. A lagoon is a shallow body of water that separated from the large body of water; they are divided commonly by coastal lagoon and atoll lagoons. It was coastal lagoon, because the large water is the sea and there is Sunda strait that spread the java island and the Sumatra Island. The blue water of lagoon and the pounding waves to the rock costal was the great combination I ever seen. I was really so excited with the water and directly went into for swimming. Some of friends were jumping from the coastal rock to the lagoon water. I even chased away all of my fear to jump in. After all mocking from my friends, I also followed them to jump. And I addicted to jump it again and again.  Some of friends used time to have photograph but like I always, I was still comfortable in the blue water. And then we have to hurry back to the cottage because one of my friends, his feet was bleed. He accidentally stepped on the sharp rock. He bled a lot.

The suck things after all, we need to climb to back home. And that was the tiring things to do after all of the enjoyment we had through. But no pain no game.

some pictures from the hidden lagoon.







6 comments on “Then Hidden Lagoon in Kiluan Lampung, jump in!!!

      • yes,i’m keeping blogging:). actually,i’m little bit upset none from Indonesia. in fact it was the second top bloggers as the top 100 finalist. there are told that it won’t be selected because HI doesn’t have any branch in here. if that was true, it just tarnish the point of view of the event. whatever the rumor outside. i do really congrats ur blogging because i like ur blog and i link urs blog in my article so others who write my blog can check it out urs. i’m waiting for ur story in South Africa. keep fighting:)

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