THE CAROLINA BEACH, the another charm of Padang

Carolina Beach is located in Bungus region Padang , West Sumatra. Like the beautiful name of the beach, it also shows how beautiful the beach is. It is one of exotic beach along the west coast. The view from the hill along of the road is really beautiful and will amaze you. It is about 20 km from the capital city of west Sumatra, Padang. Since you enter the Bungus region, there will be a lot of scenery that relaxing your eyes.  In the Carolina beach, there are a lot of pines along the beach. The pines give the uniqueness of the beach.  The shade trees, the white sand, the blue sea and the clean ramp are the great fusions that were created by God. In the Carolina you can find a lot of fun things to do and some games such as the banana boat, the flying doughnut and many others. Or you just lay down on the beach because a lot of mats are rent here. You can spend a lot of times here just sitting on to read your favorite book or relaxing.


the pines along the beach coast

You can rent the boat to enjoy the view from the sea and enjoy the light breeze, the beauty of the island landscape, or to enjoy the bird singing from the sea. You can go to the little island around the beach, such as the Pasumpahan, Sirandah, Sikowi, Bintangur and some others. You even jump to the water for swimming. It will be more fun to swim in the sea rather than in the near costal.  You can go with the boat to the mound of the sand and it looks like the white-sand island. You also can snorkel to see the beauty of the sea inside. Even you can enjoy the sunset over here.


the boat just arrived in the white-sand island look like


the golden sky


the scenery from the top of the along the road to Carolina

In the beach you also can see some fisherman look for fishes by fishing or using net. The visitor also can buy directly the fisherman catching. It is still fresh from the ocean. And no one can deny eating them. You won’t regret to visit it while you are in Padang. Take it and put it on your itinerary list.

photographer : Fitriana Nst

travelling mate: Nichole Schmidt and Fitriana Nst

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