Gateway Paradise in the Lampung, Sumatera

Teluk Kiluan is located in Pekon Kiluan Negeri, Kelumbayan Region Tanggamus Lampung Province Sumatera Indonesia. It is about ±80 Km from Bandar Lampung or about 3-4 hours journey long by car.  What things make this places special from others?, it is not only has so many beautiful beaches. But also the attraction of this place is hundred of dolphins and whales in this high sea. But when you are in fortune day, you may see turtle. There two kinds of species of  dolphins stay in this sea, they are bottle nose dolphins (tursiops truncates) with bigger body and shy. The second species is long beak dolphin ( stenella longirostris) with smaller body and like to jump. People who want to see dolphins in the ocean by using jukung . it is traditional boat that can load three persons with man ship who will lead the row.

If you join tour packet, you will be picked up in the Bandar Lampung. One of the modest and preferable package was offered by @KiluanDolphin. they run trio to kiluan every week. they have option for cottage and camp. but the most important thing, they are the most budget friendly. It takes 3-4 hours because of the road isn’t quite really good. And the infrastructure still not accommodate well. it won’t be a matter because along the road you will see beautiful beaches. From Kiluan you will across to the island by using traditional boat. The long journey won’t feel too long because the scenery is really amazing.


When you arrived in the island, the host already served the dishes. Of course the dish is fish that catches from the sea. The fresh grilled fish is really super delicious. I don’t eat fish so I miss the good part. Just like my friend said if you eat kind of this fish in the restaurant you have to pull out more money, but in the island you can eat as much as you want.

Without any command, directly I got the snorkeling set and swam in the sea. Until afternoon, I swam and lay down in the white beaches.


no need time waiting to snorkel into the sea

The second day, we woke up early every morning because we went to Karang Pegadung. To reach the places, we have to use the row. Then we went by the motor bike to climb the places. The route is very extremely dangerous because you really need an expert rider to ride the motor bike. Fortunately, my rider is the taught and the strong one. With his skill he can defeat the nature challenge. The road full of gravel, pebble, stone, sand and even mud and the road is extremely slope. I love the challenges and I need to hold my breath.

Finally, arrived in the Karang Pegadung won’t regret you at all. Because what you saw it’s blow up your mind. I and friends explored the beaches, find the best places. The stone like the shark teeth. My friends said that it looks like the Phi-Phi island in Thailand.  And it is so amazing. I went to the top of the rock and stay for a while. I lied over and saw how beautiful the beaches. The beaches with turquoise colour and stretch of the white froth,  and the fascinating one is in front of me is the high ocean.  I even don’t have enough words to describe my feeling.


the view looks like in the Phie-Phie island in the Thailand

After from Karang Pegadung, we visited the Lagoon. Yeah… of course the way to it is not as easy as you will think. We went down the hill through the stones. And here is the picture of the Lagoon. It’s really the hidden paradise.


swim and jump into the water in the lagoon, you won’t miss it

The third day is the the dolpin tour. It’s the tour that we waited for. Since early in the morning without any take a bath, we already ready for seeing the dolphins. Just like the sailor, full of brave and spirit. We hunted the dolphins. It’s so amazing that I saw the dolphin in the high sea. They are so cute and  jump each other. But at the time they did not come out so very much. Maybe because of the weather is not good. because last night was rain. Or another reason, Maybe there were so many jukung. And the dolphins very shy to show up. But overall I have a great huge  time.

Because I kind of love of the beach and sea. I m beach lover, Even though I had already clean and take a bath, I never mind to swim again. After noon, we have to leave the island. t will be memorial experience in my life journey. and for you, you don’t have to think twice to visit it, just pack up your stuff and feel the sensation being in the Teluk Kiluan.

for more information about the trip, follow at twitter @KiluanDolphin

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