Today it’s the international PLASTIC – BAG FREE DAY.  I read the slogan when someone shares this on my facebook just a few days ago. I just remembered couple years ago, when my grandma still alive. When I was 10 years old, I liked to play in the market. My grandmother had a grocery store. She sold rice. I liked to accompany her in the store. She was always angry if I played with grains of rice.  She would give a little hit on my hand if I was still naughty. “Grandma, what are people bring when they buy rice?” I saw every customer brought white sack (white sack is the former of  rice packing)   or plastic sack if they bought much rice.  “That is place to put the customer rice after I took it by gantang  ( 1 gantang equal with 1 kg and 6 ounces)” . “Oh I see, but why we don’t give them the new one, because they pay for our rice too? “ I asked my grandma eagerly. “  I give them when they buy for the first time, then when they come again to buy, they will bring the sack that I gave them for the first time, if the sack is broken out, I’ll give and change with the new one, so  we don’t use the plastics  bag too much, it’s not only efficiency  and economically but its’ save for our environment, don’t you know my grandchild, that our earth is have age, so it can older and broken, so we should protect it and do from the simple thing”.

I just kept remember my conversation with my grandmother; it was about 15 years ago. Last year, I was still in the grandma store. She already passed away. But her store still stands. My mother and I still kept the store like it used to be. We still sell rice. But people and the condition are change.  They don’t use to bring their own white sack/ plastic sack. Now we have to use black plastic, because the rice is heavy in some amount, the customers want the plastic double.  “Mom, why we don’t use like before, ask for the customer to bring the plastic sack/white sack  that we had given, doesn’t it will be more effective”. “People are too lazy to bring the plastic sack, dear. They said that they forget to bring, or they will tell that our service is not good, why the customer should bring it from home because they pay their money to buy our rice’.
That are two different scenes that I passed in my life. When I was children and when I am an adult. Maybe my grandmother lived in the past, but her thinking is more logical than modern people. If people are like her, could you imagine how much plastic bag will be saved and environment less polluted? But today, people greedier and crazier about the services. The previous people more efficient, even every mother used to bring their own shopping bag (the traditional one made from woven bamboo) or plastic bag to the market. For traditional plastic bag it can be used until 2-3 years. For the plastic bag they will use it for 3-5 times, and they also use it to put the garbage. Nowadays, instead bring it from home; many mothers will buy when they are in the market. Because it’s not too practical too bring it from home.

Now, today, I am still dealing with some plastics bag. Because I help my cousin in his mini market when I have spare time, sometimes I become a cashier. But when I service people I will always ask when people only buy one cigarette, soft drink or other small things” do you need plastic bag or not?” I will spend my few times just to ask that kind of question. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care with services, but if I just gave them with the plastic bag, then only more than five walks, she/he will throw the plastic bag into the garbage. Won’t it be just a waste?  Try not using any plastic bags if not for important things. We have to start from today why should wait until tomorrow or the next day. Because of our environment and earth never stop to grow old. So we have to be wise to protect and love them.

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ps: i miss my grandma so very much. in my room in my solitude.


  1. that’s right,,SATU PLASTIK baru bisa terurai lbh krg 400 tahun..bisa dibayangkan berapa bnyak plastik yg sudah kita buang secara percuma.. 😦 bisa-bisa bumi ini nantinya dipenuhi oleh sampah just like in a film of wall-E, dimana manusia sdh tidak tinggal di bumi lg karena telah dikuasai sampah..hmmm, I don’t want to imagine about it.. 😥 jadi mari kurangi penggunaan sampah dari sekarang..untuk bumi yang kita cintai ini..!

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