It was 28 October in 2009; Clagisa was woken up by the cock’s voice in the early dawn. She was thought a lot about this meaningful date, she took her phone and once again she checked the date.  It was true, today was 28 October 2009, and it should be his planning to come to a place, to converge and to stop in me. To share their love, fancy and passionate that they  hold for many times they  were apart. Human have good plan but always God has a secret story.

She rolled back all of her memories. She checked the planning trip that she had sent him. The planning trip which is she and him had already arranged for some time ago. The planning that they wanted to realize together, to travel some places, to adventure the jungle and to mingle with the society, the planning that they created with love, fancy and passionate.

“I want to get around you and kill the time that we never spent“, that was he  said. She still remembered all his said when they decided to visit the place. “The place should give a synergy to our mind, soul and body, the place we can reflect our love, fancy and passionate “. He said once again to her like that. She had sent their planning trip, just quarter minutes before the earthquake happened in her country. In second what they had planned for some times ago towards to dust. Without any flakes left behind. What they had planned just come into a wind breeze through her ears. The place that they had planned to visit only left ruins. The place where they should eat, share, run after each other had already left painless.  Some are ruins and some are only silent stand, only left poignancy and severe pain.

She just stared the planning in the monitor of her laptop, really human as great planner for everything, but in the end God will assign it. But don’t her loves know. Even in every detail disaster come forwards in their ways, never any regret to God. She was still very thankful for what God had given to her. She still alive with merit hopes for her life, she was still alive after that huge disaster. In every single cry of families who lost their beloved people, but she still has her mother, her father, sister and friend who safe from the disaster. She did not feel the world still exist for her. Nothing can be thought at the time, only try to survive.

She was still pray to God, for his blessing, she still hear  his lover voice even only through nircable that she never understood how it works. She was really release that she was still connected to him. His fear about her life, and safety makes it was so meant. Don’t her love know, there are so many death corpse, the crying rivers and people who died in good condition, when they death they remain God in their heart. .when this disaster happened they were fasting, they were teaching, they were praying, they were doing a good things for society and life, for their self and God. How they were in good condition remember God in their death. Allahu Akbar, they closed their eyes.

When they got disaster they blame God for what was happened in this world. When the disaster happen they did sin, they were in hotel, did sex without marriage, stealing from the poor, did corruption, rebel to their parents or any un-good thing to do.  How could they remember God when they even don’t remember about their self? They cursed and said something that they should not speak.


And there were alive people, she was in third part, God still give her chance to stay alive in this world. Make her more thankful for everything that she had. the way is still long run to go. There still chance to meet, to speak and to share their love, fancy and passionate.

There must be sweet behind the pain…..
There must be happiness behind sadness….
There must be laugh behind tears
there must be good behind bad
and there must be WISDOM behind disaster

She still does not know what kind of wisdom behind it. Perhaps God knows that they were still not ready to meet each other. God will show them a way through any way itself. In every trust that they have, they knew that they could meet. Everything will be wonderful when in its time. Life still need go on even they were apart in other continent. Just wait for the rendezvous in the middle hope of night. And she would still wait the time will be her friend.

* This story in memorizing someone who in a thousand miles away


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