I born and life under your care
For your love and bless is no compare
To against your wish is something I don’t dare
Your rejection gives me a place of no where
Time only cause this pain more severe
I might be lack of morality
That is what they said in our society
But I don’t want to live in anxiety
Sorrow matrimony for eternity
To mate won’t be everlasting
To love is not something without an ending
I try to give you anything
But, then again, I destroy everything
Keep stupid on my reflection, enjoying being in solitude
More moppets; give an old earth more craps
Young monkeyish attitude, cannot stand to side
The capitalist make milk become damn high scares
The pain might be the cause of my reprobation
That makes our view move on the opposite’s direction
It is not that I have no affection
My attention is to avoid the similar frustration


thank you for inspiring night through my own solitude,                                                  and  so  much love for sharing idea rany syafrina:)





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